Dubspot Student Spotlight: September 2016 Outstanding Talent

In our September 2016 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some outstanding students who have taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA, and Online. Get to know Space Toast, Schlick, Factor Eight, and Mavati.

Student Spotlight



Mike Mattia | Brooklyn, NYC

Space Toast

Mike Mattia started off growing his passion of djing and producing at Dubspot in March of 2015 and Space Toast was born. Mike has always been an active member of the dance music community, but with no formal music training, was grateful to find Dubspot and take his first classes in Ableton Live, DJing, and Sound Design. House music and techno are his genres of choice, and he’s invested in expanding his knowledge base by continually creating and collecting music, but also traveling around the world to various music festivals to spark his creative inspiration. Now he’s taking that inspiration to the studio, working hard to cultivate his unique sound full of groovy tech house beats. Since his career began only a short year and a bit ago, he’s played at renowned venues such as Space Miami, Output, Slake, Le Poisson Rouge, The Black Rose, Terra Firma, as well as many rooftops and after hours spots. His original tracks have been picked up by well-known music collectives such as Bodhi and OKNF. His latest unreleased track is in the works with a notable record label. All in all, things are on a constant upward climb with Space Toast and his musical journey.

“Dubspot is the sole reason I’m at where I am. Coming from more of a tech background than an instrumental one, I knew I could figure out Ableton Live but as every producer knows it can be very daunting when you first open the DAW. Dubspot gave me that push I needed to get my production career started. Being involved in the music scene for 10+ years prior I couldn’t wait to finally get my own productions going. I started with the Ableton Live Masterclass and learned the in’s and out’s of everything Live had to offer. All of my teachers were absolutely amazing, and I really learned everything I needed to give me that jump start. During my Ableton Live class, I also took a DJ class on the side just to brush up on my techniques and really to enjoy learning with like minded people. After I finished up my six-month music production class I was hungry to learn more and decided to take the Sound Design Program. In only the year and a half I have been producing, I have accomplished more than what some producers do in 10+ years. None of this could have been done without Dubspot, and I appreciate everything they did for myself and my music career.” – Mike Mattia

Andrew Bennett | Saskatoon, Canada

Factor Eight

Andrew Bennett grew up and currently resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where he creates music under the alias Factor Eight. Over the past three years, he has taught himself how to compose and produce music, as well as furthering his education at New York’s renowned music technology school, Dubspot. Using mostly piano and vocals, he designs orchestral atmospheres through the Ableton Live digital audio workstation. Factor Eight has established a unique sound, found at the intersection of electronic music and orchestral compositions, drawing audiences to emotionally connect through vibrant harmony and contrasting details.

Factor Eight discovered passion and success in visual media composing. Through the pairing of music with visual media, his music has been heard both locally and internationally including the official selection of Air Canada’s EnRoute Film Festival. In May of 2016, the Western Canadian Music Awards nominated Factor Eight for Visual Media Composer of the Year. The eager and swiftly emerging artist has licensed music to prestigious companies that include ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Salomon and Gillette. Recent original composition projects include Out TV’s ‘Fabulocity’, advertising campaigns for Whistler Blackcomb, and animation short ‘Overcast’.

The orchestral-electronic artist is currently composing work for a second album that will straddle the boundaries of his pioneering genre. In Fall of 2015, Factor Eight was awarded Saskatchewan Arts Board’s Independent Artist Grant for this project. Once completed, the fresh body of work will showcase the continuing maturation of talent and ability of Factor Eight as both a musician and producer, contributing to an already impressive professional portfolio. Factor Eight’s greatest intent is to work with exceptional companies and directors, compose and produce for ambitious visual media projects, and mark uncharted territory in art.

“I credit my time at Dubspot as a fundamental factor in my success thus far as a composer and producer. It is so unique to engage with leaders and teachers willing to share their breadth of knowledge from tangible achievements in the industry. I showed up to all office hours, soaking up every moment to pick the brain of icons like Steve Nalepa. These hours have proven invaluable to how I make decisions regarding my art as well as my career. Dubspot facilitated the pursuit of my goals by reciprocating the effort I invested. The environment was a catalyst in growing my passion into technical skill and artistic mastery. Being surrounded by like-minded students with the fervent drive to create music was a time that I will cherish for my entire career.” – Andrew Bennett

Bradley Tellis | Mumbai, India

Bradley Tellis

Bradley Tellis is a guitarist and producer from Bombay India. He is a member of the four-piece pop band ‘The Colour Compound’ and a sessions guitarist for electronic acts like Ox7gen Live, Sandunes, and many others. He has also been on some of the country’s biggest festival stages such as Nh7 Weekender, Sunburn, and more.

More recently Bradley has begun to release electronic music under his solo moniker ‘Schlick’. His debut track ‘Take One’ released on the Indian Electronic Label ‘Lowlit’s compilation titled Better Late Vol 1. He has since been working on music for his follow-up release, which will be out later this year.

Besides being a musician, Bradley works with Oranjuice Entertainment and has played a major role in the curation and stage management for Asia’s biggest blues festival, ‘The Mahindra Blues Festival’ as well as ‘Johnnie Walker – The Journey’ which included acts such as the Grammy Award-winning band ‘Snarky Puppy’ and other electronic acts including Bonobo, Tycho, and Explosions In The Sky.

“After taking the Music Foundation course online at Dubspot, enrolling in the New York school was only a matter of time for me. The best part about going to Dubspot for me, besides learning what I wanted to is I got to hang out with musicians, Dj’s, artists, teachers, and producers who were into all kinds of music. That’s really where the learning happens. Being a musician, I think finding inspiration is the key to moving forward, and Dubspot played a major role in doing that for me.” - Bradley Tellis

Philippe Maatouk | Cranston, RI


I am 21 years old and originally from Providence, Rhode Island who produces music under the name Mavati. I heard about Dubspot through a friend some time last year. I decided to take a chance and attended the school for about eight months. I have been producing electronic music and dabbling in hip hop beats for a little over two years now. I was always drawn to beats over the years but never had time to commit myself to producing since I was going to school, playing sports, and working. Once I put all of that to rest, I was able to start creating. Throughout all the time I have been producing I never released any tracks until landing “Stadium House” and “A.M.” on the new Araabmuzik album, “Dreamworld.”

This has partly to do with me wanting to hone in my production skills before releasing anything. Before coming to Dubspot, my mixes were terrible… plain and simple. After taking the Mixing and Mastering course with Ariel Burojow, I would just mix the record myself and have someone else master. Now I have the skills to mix and master my work.

“Dubspot provided me with the tools to take my production to the next level. It was nice to be in a creative environment for a change and not just watching youtube tutorials at home!” – Philippe Maatouk


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