New Mixing and Mastering Tools in Live 8

Two important signal processing have been conspicuously missing in previous versions of Live: multi-band dynamics and limiting. These devices, used for improving dynamic control and loudness, have finally been added to Live’s palette of audio effects, and will make life easier for those who previously felt compelled to export their project to other DAWs for mixing and mastering.

Often used in combination, these two effects constitute a classic combination to finalize a project before exporting. An important weapon in the ongoing loudness wars, their purpose is to optimize loudness without squashing and altering the mix.

Multiband Dynamics allows for upward and downward compression or expansion for up to three frequency bands. A compressor typically lowers the level of signals that exceed a threshold. This is called downward compression. It is also possible to reduce dynamic range by raising levels that are below a threshold, which is called upward compression.

Expansion, on the other hand increases the dynamic range.

This can be achieved either by lowering the signal below the threshold (downward expansion) or by raising the levels above a threshold (upward expansion).

Three bands with

adjustable crossover,

on/off and solo switches..

soft knee smoothens

the onset of compression.. T controls envelopes >

Ratios control the degrees of attenuation or

expansion for every band individually(1:100)

The Limiter makes sure that the output does not exceed a specific level. This is particularly important when exporting a final mix to avoid clipping. It is therefore ideal for use on the Master track and an important tool to optimize loudness.

Ceiling sets the maximum level.

L/R mode allows for two separate Limiters for each channel..this let’s us apply more compression !

Lookahead affects how quickly the Limiter responds to peaks..

By HeinrichZ