Max For Live 8

Live has always been a flexible, semi modular, audio environment. But with Live 8, the game has completely changed. Why, you ask? Well, Max For Live is here!

Max For Live is an add on for Ableton Live 8 that will allow users to build additional tools, devices, and extensions for use in Live using Cycling 74′s visual programming language, MaxMSP . That mouse-less step sequencer you always wanted, or a souped up beat repeater are now possible to create and manipulate from right inside Live. Not only will these devices look just like native Live devices. but they will act and behave just like Live’s built-in instruments and effects. So, things like instant MIDI mapping and clip envelope’s will be available to them without any additional configuration.


MFL is not just limited to creating custom devices, Ableton has added a full suite of objects which give access to the official, revamped Live API – an all access pass to the inner workings of Live that up till now only the Abes themselves have been able to use. I’ve read that anything you can click with your mouse, you will be able to manipulate via Max. This to me is huge, as previously the only way to do things like setting up flexible, custom remote control has been through the unofficial and undocumented, hacked Live API, and as us Maxxers know, documentation is key.


Also, since we have the complete set of Max, MSP, and Jitter objects at our fingertips (and don’t forget all of those lovely external objects!), we’ll be able to implement functionalities in Live that have never before been available like OSC, Bluetooth, video manipulation, and custom DMX based lighting rigs. Control via Wii Remotes, iPhones and collaboration over network are just some some of the things that spring to mind – but with Max being so open ended the possibilities are truly endless.

Max For Live will come with a great selection of devices ready to use out of the box, which means you don’t have to be a programmer to reap the benefits of this wonderful add-on. Also, both Max and Live communities continually contribute patches, presets and knowledge so I’m having recurring dreams of a huge assortment of user made tools and devices bouncing around on the internet.

Max For Live is expected to be available in 2009, no pricing information is available yet. To find out more check out: