Logic Tutorial: Use Your iPad As A Second Monitor + Streamline Your Workflow

In part one of this new two-part tutorial, Dubspot instructor and course designer Matt Shadetek shows some new ways to streamline your creative process and workflow in Logic, using the iPad as a second display for arranging, mixing, and controlling environments, and explains how to use the Air Display app which will allow wireless connection to your iPad to your Mac or PC.

In this video we’ll learn how to set up an iPad for use as a second monitor with Logic Pro and explore how to get the most out of this setup. The software we’ll use for this is called Air Display (available via the App Store) and it allows us to turn the iPad into a touchscreen monitor using a WiFi connection.

There are a few ways I’ve used this and I’m sure you’ll think of others. I like to use a second view of the mixer while working in the arrangement, and vice versa when mixing. Another fun use of this where you can get more creative is to control custom control setups in Logic’s Environment view.

In part two of this series I’ll show how to control an arpeggiator using this setup. – Matt Shadetek

Matt Shadetek is a DJ, producer and teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. He runs the Dutty Artz label with DJ /Rupture and will be releasing his second solo album The Empire Never Ended on March 26th 2013. Hear his music at mattshadetek.com.

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  • Logic Tutorial: Use Your iPad As A Second Monitor + Create A Touchscreen Arpeggiator! | Dubspot Blog
  • 3/13/2013

[...] continue using the iPad as a touchscreen controller and look at how to apply this. If you missed part one of this tutorial please check it out first, it explains how to set up the Air Display app which will allow wireless [...]