iOS / iPad Music Production Apps: GlitchBreaks, iKaossilator, Richard Devine Animoog Presets +

This month the world of iOS music applications brings a nice update to Korg’s iKaossilator, a new beat deconstruction tool called GlitchBreaks, a new DJ app from MixVibes, and an Animoog preset pack from Richard Devine.

Korg iKaossilator 2.1 Update

While the evolution of iOS music applications has been exciting, it’s been a slow road to get many of these cool applications working together to create a productive music workflow. Korg (one of the first companies to support iOS MIDI) continues to be one step ahead of the pack with this recent update to iKaossilator. which now supports audio paste as well as loop import. Korg explains,”Audio loop files can now be imported into each part of the sequencer. To import, simply send your audio loop via iTunes to iKaossilator and load it via the import menu in the sound list (the sound selection screen). In addition to simply playing an imported audio loop, you can use a filter effect assigned to the touch pad to vary the character of the song just as you would on the Kaoss Pad.” In the above video, Youtube user mvpadrini shows how to grab an audio loop from the Korg iMS-20 app and effect that loop with the iKaossilator.


Need to create some nice loops to drop in your iKaossilator? GlitchBreaks by Alex Matheu could be the perfect solution (check out this video for a how-to). The app does exactly what it says and looks to be a fantastic way to chop up pre-recorded beats for a glitched-out session. Then, you can then record the new beats you’ve created and export them to other apps or your DAW. Matheu explains, “GlitchBreaks can be used as a performance tool to juggle breaksbeats or destroy sounds at a granular level. You can make interesting effect-like-sounds by manipulating pitch, loop start, length, and cutting the beats with fluid responsive controls. Auto-BPM detection will detect the tempo of a sample you copy into Glitchbreaks (you just need to specify the bars between 1-4). Glitchbreaks contains a 4 channel mixer to adjust the levels of each sample, as you change the levels the sounds are combined into the mix, on the iPad version this is displayed graphically with a rendered waveform that is combined to give you an indication of what the entire sound looks like.”

Mixvibes Cross DJ

MixVibes, creators of the Cross DJ software platform for computers, are bringing the robust music mixing package to the iPad sometime in the very near future. The iOS app will take the experience directly onto the iPad (it’s a DJ app, not a controller app) in a colorful and well-designed interface that combines waveforms, functional controls and X/Y pad for performance. The app features a 2-channel mixer, 3-band EQs w kills, loop function, 6 cue points, and audio FX that control by way of the X/Y control pad.

Key Features:

  • The mixer section includes 2 players with 3-band equalizers, frequency kills, gains, 2 volume faders, a crossfader and 2 pitch sliders with adjustable range (4%, 6%, 8%, 16%, 32%, 100%).
  • The “vinyl record deck” view allows precise scratching and the possibility to cue a track as you would with a regular turntable.
  • The “FX view” features a large X/Y control pad allowing you to explore the full extent and potential of the 13 audio FX. The “FX hold” feature allows you to lock down an audio effect on a precise setting point.
  • Two loop modes: The first mode is the regular loop mode with 8 different lengths of loops varying from 1/8th to 16 beats (4bars). The second mode is called “slip” mode. Here, loops are active only when a finger is pressed on the loop.
  • Media browsing is made through a multi-criteria filter or directly on the full size iPad keyboard.

Richard Devine Expansion Pack for Animoog

Moog’s highly successful Animoog synth application has recently gotten a nice booster pack. Following in a series of in-app preset packs that users can purchase, sound designer Richard Devine has created 32 new presets for Animoog that feature “43 new timbres,” as described by Moog. At $1.99 this is a no-brainer. Devine is responsible for some of the best sound design in the industry and his preset pack for Moog is bound to inspire. In addition, be sure to check out Matt Cellitti’s Animoog video tutorial series on our blog, where you can learn how to build patches from scratch and integrate this synth into your DAW workflow.