Instructor Spotlights :: Jon Margulies :: new Album & Ableton Book

Jon spotlight blogDJ, Producer, Composer, writer, and Dubspot mainstay Jon Margulies has been an instrumental figure around the school for well over a year now.  The chief architect of our Ableton curriculum, he has years of music industry experience dating back to his early teenage years, and up until the present day has run the gambit of musical experience, from guitars to synthesizers. Two big things have recently happened for Jon, both reading and writing stimuli for the musically inclined. His new album, Too Big To Fail, is out now, a stylistically far-reaching construct of down tempo, breaks, ambient and techno.  If you buy the album through this link, you will get the album on a special, custom-made USB card (pictures below), along with 8 music tech articles Jon authored and the example sets to go with them, plus free shipping, so its only 15 dollars total!  Its also available for digital download on itunes and Amazon. His new book, Ableton Live 8 Power!, is also available, continuing off his earlier Live 7 installment and maintaining its station as the definitive user manual for the program.  We can hook you up with the book right here at Dubspot, just email us for details, tbtfJon’s custom built & designed USB drive