EUMES and Dubspot International EDU Sessions: Sónar+D, Barcelona w/ Dan FreeMan, Carles Reixach +

Join Dubspot and EUMES for a special workshop on music production techniques with Dan FreeMan, Carles Reixach, Arnau Sala, DJ2DJ, Undo, and Martí Mora during the Sónar+D conference in Barcelona. 


EUMES and Dubspot International EDU Sessions:
Music Production Meetup at Sónar+D, Barcelona

June 18, 2015 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Sónar by Day Welcome Bar (P4 – Level 4)

Join Dubspot and EUMES music production school for a special networking event for professionals in the electronic music industry at the Sónar+D conference in Barcelona. The two hour event opens the floor for promoters, DJs, producers, sound engineers, and creators will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and present their works in progress in a dynamic environment.

This meetup is for Sónar+D Accreditation Pass holders who register in advance. Limited seats available. Register at:

More event information available here.


Carles Reixach | Director of EUMES, Ableton Certified Trainer, music producer, and mixing engineer.

Arnau Sala | Director of studies at EUMES, Logic X Bass producer, and sound design (Serum & Massive) expert.

Dan FreeMan | Director of the International Programs at Dubspot NY. Ableton Certified Trainer, electronic music producer, and specialist in production and integration with live instruments expert.

Ed is Dead | Production and arrangement expert, and Steinberg Cubase internacional endorser.

DJ2D2 | With a large experience in selecting the beats and a deserved reputation in the national scene, he has shaken up the dancefloors with a top quality audio and video show for the lar two years.

Martí Mora | Also known as Chen, is a music producer, singer, sound engineer, and member of the hip hop band Matador Rockers.

Gabriel Berlanga aka Undo | Musician, DJ, and producer who has released music on labels like My Favorite Robot Records, Correspondant, Areal Records, Beachcoma ,as well as on his own, Factor City. He is a resident at Razzmatazz and Moog clubs in Barcelona.


About Sónar+D

Sónar+D is the international conference that brings together a combination of activities with a common theme: the relationship between creativity and technology, and the digital transformation of the cultural industries involved.

The celebration takes place in Barcelona in Fira Montjuïc, parallel to Sónar by Day, and brings together experts from around the world (technicians, entrepreneurs, artists, companies and researchers) to present initiatives and tools that will shape future creative experiences in the fields of music, visuals, interactive content and transmedia platforms.

Sónar+D is a meeting point with an interdisciplinary approach. It targets professionals within the creative, technological and cultural industries to pursue their interaction. The conference facilitates the exchange of knowledge, debate, exhibiting talent, and generating business opportunities. In more than two decades of existence, Sónar has made a name for itself in the discovery of emerging artists and music, giving it value as a multidisciplinary cultural event. Sónar+D extends this organic search (research) to all areas of creative industries, hence its name: I+D o R+D= Sónar+D.

Thus, Sónar+D is organically integrated into Sónar, helping make the festival a dynamic revitalization of digital culture and creative technologies beyond the natural territory of music and new media.


Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program
The flagship of our music training, with every Ableton Live course offered at the school. After completing this program, you will leave with a portfolio of original tracks, a remix entered in an active contest, a scored commercial to widen your scope, and the Dubspot Producer’s Certificate in Ableton Live.

What’s Included:
Ableton Live Level 1: Beats, Sketches, and Ideas
Ableton Live Level 2: Analyze, Deconstruct, Recompose, and Assemble
Ableton Live Level 3: Synthesis and Original Sound Creation
Ableton Live Level 4: Advanced Sound Creation
Ableton Live Level 5: Advanced Effect Processing
Ableton Live Level 6: Going Global with your Music

About this program:

This program is about learning Ableton Live by going through the entire process of being an artist, by developing your own sound through a series of sketches and experimentation. You will also learn the ins and outs of this powerful software through a series of exercises designed to help you master the steps involved in producing your own music. After a level of getting familiar with the tools that Ableton has to offer, you will then develop your sonic ideas into full-length tracks. You will be exposed to a variety of approaches to arrangement and composition, storytelling techniques, ways of creating tension and drama in your music. At the end of the day, it is the sum total of your choices as an artist that define your sound, and levels 2 – 6 will give you the experience of actually completing tracks to add to your portfolio.

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Logic Pro Producer Certificate Program
Master Logic Pro X with our complete program. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the composition process in Logic and create a portfolio that includes a collection of original tracks, a remix entered in an active remix contest, a re-scored scene from a film, and sound effects and music for a video game.

What’s Included
Logic Pro Level 1: Shake Hands with Logic
Logic Pro Level 2: Completing Your First Track
Logic Pro Level 3: Subtractive Synthesis and Effects Processing 1
Logic Pro Level 4: Subtractive Synthesis and Effects Processing 2
Logic Pro Level 5: Advanced Synthesis Techniques
Logic Pro Level 6: Film, Game Sound, Remixing, and Artist Development

About This Program

In this program, you will develop the technical and creative skills needed to write and arrange music in Logic Pro X. You’ll create unique sounds using synthesizers and samplers, and learn how to mix and process those sounds with Logic’s vast array of effects. You’ll begin by creating a series of short sketches which are then developed into a portfolio of arranged and mixed tracks over the course of six levels. You’ll also create a remix, enter an active remix competition, score a scene from a feature film, and add music and sound effects to a video game. This program will help you develop and express your creative voice as an artist while teaching you the skills necessary to create the music you imagine.

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