Dubspot’s 5 Ableton Certified Instructors :: More than any other school

Ableton_logograbRecently Dubspot hosted an Ableton instructor certification weekend at our school, in which 3 of our crew participated and passed the review.  Newly certified are Michael Hatsis, DJ Kiva, and Chris Petti.

We now proudly have 5 Ableton certified instructors on staff, more than twice as many as any other school in the world.

Ableton as a company is dedicated to advancing the educational movement around it’s program, and as a conduit, the teachers involved.  Instructors who measure up to the companies high standards recieve a certification from the company attesting to their excellence in providing a top-notch educational experience.  Ableton chose Dubspot for the event because we were one of the first Ableton certified training centers in the world, and have continually pushed the boundaries since our inception to continue providing a cutting-edge music education experience.