Dubspot Student Spotlight March 2016: Ben Phipps, KYOSi, Eli Fola, Jago

In our March 2016 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some outstanding student artists, producers, DJ’s, and musicians who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA, and Online. Get to know Ben Phipps, KYOSi, Eli Fola, and Jago.


Ben Phipps | Gothenburg, Sweden

Dubspot Student Spotlight

Surrounded by positivity and his ever-faithful pooch Fiona – Ben’s relentless work ethic and positive attitude have a tremendous impact on others around him. For Ben, the goal has always been about making great music. Now that he’s found his own successful path from finding his inspiration, talent, and confidence along the way – he is now able to pass on the inspiration to thousands upon thousands of others through sharing his innovative production tutorials and sample packages available online.

Born into a family of musicians, Ben Phipps grew up quickly as a young man with an immense love of life and an incredible passion for music. In 2012, he chose to pursue further education overseas in the United States and attended Dubspot, a reputable school for music production in New York City. Opening doors and opportunities of all kinds through new skills, connections, and exciting combinations of sound; Ben Phipps continued strongly through his next two years splitting his time between NYC, Toronto, and Montreal refining his craft, songs, and style.

Now possessing all the skills necessary and fresh from harnessing the energy of his well-earned education – Ben returned to Sweden in early 2015 more ready to pursue a lifelong career, and truly more capable than ever before. Inspired by the growing support and confirmations of his talent from peers; this electrifying sound-artist blends exciting combinations of electronic sounds and classical instruments in vibrantly dynamic, emotional, and exotic new ways.

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“One day I just decided not to put this dream off anymore. I packed a bag, vaccinated my dog, and together we left for the adventure of a lifetime in NYC. I’d heard a lot of good things about Dubspot before I left, but I could never have imagined how amazing of an experience it was going to be. Not only did I make friends for life, but it also set me on the fast track to where I am today. I left Dubspot with such solid foundation that I felt confident taking on any challenge ahead of me in my productions. I even named my own record label 14 & 9 Records; I’ll let you figure out where I got that from :) Adam, Kiva, Danny, Bill, and the rest of the staff at Dubspot, thanks for everything.” ~ Ben Phipps


KYOSi | New York City, NY

Dubspot Student Spotlight

Early Riser represents a fresh start for me as an artist. It’s my love letter to getting things done. The name KYOSi comes from dreams during a year of guided hypnosis and self-reflection. Even now I’m unraveling its meaning, yet I feel more authentic than ever and am writing my best music. Special shout to Richie Beretta, who co-produced this tune.

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“I was the Operations Director at Dubspot for two years and studied Ableton Live in whatever spare time I could find, so the Dubspot fam holds a special place in my heart. Being at an electronic music / DJ school can be a little daunting for a singer-songwriter, but everyone at Dub was so encouraging. Respect to Kiva, Dan Freeman, Sentz, and Devon James, who became my personal Ableton advisory board at Dubspot and were the ones who answered my late night studio questions. Studying Ableton helped me to get the music from my mind, into the box, and back out coherently.” ~ Dani DiCiaccio


Eli Fola | Brooklyn, NY

Eli Fola

Eli Fola is a Nigerian-born vocalist, saxophonist, DJ, and Music Producer. He started music at the age of nine while attending church with his parents in Nigeria where he joined the children’s choir and started learning to play different musical instruments such as drums, congas, piano, and eventually settling with the saxophone.

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“My experience at Dubspot was really amazing. Within three weeks into my Ableton Live production course, I was already producing music. I had no knowledge of production prior to Dubspot, but I was already DJing. My experience at Dubspot also helped me discover the sound and direction I want to go with my music. The instructors I had were excellent, and they helped with any questions I had regarding Ableton Live.” ~ Eli Fola


Jago | New Jersey, NJ

DJ Jago

Jago is a 19-year-old DJ from New Jersey. He has been mixing since the age of 10. In 2008, when he was only 12 he had his first encounter with turntablism when he scratched his first record at Dubspot in New York City where he found his true passion, DJing. He was influenced by turntablists such as Shiftee, A-Trak, Q-Bert, and club producers including JP Solis, Brenmar, Diplo, LOL Boys, Samo Sound Boy, Canblaster, and Sliink. His love for the underground bass music sound grew so much that Jago started to produce his own tracks. On the decks, his skills, versatility, and sophisticated taste in music earned him much respect in the industry. He is certainly one to watch in the coming years.

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“Jake is a great kid. His passion for learning, his work ethic, and sincere humility make him an incredible asset to the Dubspot family, and quite a formidable competitor at that.” ~ JP Solis


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