Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014! Shefali, Deepak Sharma, Joey Mays, Martin Naranjo, ROMI

We are very pleased to present the January 2014 edition of Dubspot’s Student Spotlight – our monthly blog series that shines light on some of the remarkable artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken our courses in NYC and Online. Get to know Shefali, Deepak Sharma, Joey Mays, Martin Naranjo, and ROMI! 

Shefali // New York, US

Shefali - Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Shefali – Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Shefali is an artist, producer and programmer. She works passionately at the intersection of music and technology. As a developer, she spends her time building Emotitones – a new way for people to communicate through music, speech, and literature. She is also creating ways for people to play with sound from within their web browser. As an artist & producer, Shefali embraces everything from songwriting and singing to composing and sound design. Currently, she is mixing down her own original electronic rock EP. Previous projects include a debut release with Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records, a fashion campaign for Cameo in Hong Kong, and two Billboard dance singles with Carrillo Music.

“Education has been a huge part of my growth so far. But even after completing a masters in music technology from NYU, I did not feel confident as a producer until I went through the electronic producer program [EMP Master Program] at Dubspot with Jon Margulies and Daniel Wyatt. Despite the rapid change in production technology, the fundamentals we were taught positioned us to handle this constantly evolving industry. As producers, we have long journeys of learning ahead. Dubspot really kickstarted that journey for me.” – Shefali

Deepak Sharma // New York, US

Deepak Sharma - Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Deepak Sharma – Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Deepak Sharma is the brainchild and mastermind behind Hidden Recordings. Through a steady stream of consistent releases, the label continues its ascent into one of techno/ house most respected and forward thinking labels.

As a DJ, he’s left many with ear-to-ear smiles, sweaty bodies and sore feet. Deepak’s unrelenting deeper techno style is topped by a touch of soul to bring unique warmth to his heavy big room sound. He’s travelled all over the world and North America for shows, always leaving fans asking for more. If you want to get the essence of what he’s all about as a DJ, pay a visit to the label’s notorious label night; appropriately named Rough and Tumble. Here you hear him play longer sets well into in the early hours. On a larger scale, a few highlights include being invited to play Electric Zoo 2011, BPM Festival 2011, Official Movement After-parties and a memorable closing set at the Great American Techno Festival 2012. Lately, he’s played at Brooklyn’s well respected OUTPUT w/ Len Faki and the Klockworks showcase with Ben Klock and DVS1.

In the musical journey of producing, it’s sometimes important to take a step back and assess your strengths and weaknesses. Once I did that I enrolled at Dubspot without reservation to get out of my comfort zone and learn from the best. Every time I walk through Dubspot, I’m inspired by the knowledge I receive and feel that I’m learning something new that I can apply to my own productions.

At the end of the day, I realize I need to become a more proficient producer. It may sound obvious, but I wasn’t classically trained in music and felt that strengthening my music foundations would help me move move forward as a more organized producer. I tend to complicate things, and spending time in classes has helped me to simplify my approach. I look back on some of the records I released (with production partner Dieter Krause) and think about all that I’ve learned; how they could have been better (and easier!). I feel like my path from Point A to Point B is much straighter because of all I’ve learned from Dubspot. I love that feeling of improving and there’s so much still to learn!

Plus the artists on my label, Hidden Recordings are absolutely kicking ass with making some of the most futuristic and amazing techno out there. I gotta keep up! -  Deepak Sharma

Joey Mays // New Jersey, US

Joey Mays - Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Joey Mays – Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Born into a musically driven family, Joey Mays has an extremely diverse musical background. As a trained guitarist, he grew up listening to and performing everything from alternative, indie rock, and blues – to bachata, merengue, and even flamenco. With everyone in the family constantly pushing all their musical skills as far as they could go, Joey Mays was brought along for the ride. As the years went by, his sights started shifting elsewhere. Being introduced to the freedom of electronic music, opened Joey’s eyes to a whole new world of sound. Shortly after, he arrived at Dubspot and pushed forward. As a full time college student as well as a student at Dubspot, he continues to produce music and perform live shows around the tri-state area where he debuts all of his unreleased tracks and pursues his dreams a musician.

Dubspot was absolutely the greatest decision I’ve ever made. The musical freedom introduced to me by everyone there is unreal. I’m beyond satisfied with everything I’ve learned within ALL of the courses I’ve taken. My productions are sounding more professional, my DJing is a lot smoother and energetic, and my Sound Design is really taking off. To put the cherry on top, taking the Mixing and Mastering class brought my music to a whole new level! I love the staff, the students, and the vibe. Absolutely one of the places I look forward to going to everyday when I wake up. I’m happy I can now combine my love for indie and alternative rock with my love for electronic music. – Joel Martinez a.k.a. Joey Mays

ROMI ZAPATA // Mexico / United Arab Emirates

Romi Zapata - Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Romi Zapata – Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

ROMI ZAPATA is a 25 year old Dubai-based, Mexico-born DJ/producer who started DJing at the age of 18 and has performing at various events and clubs. By day, she works as a flight attendant, but maintains a deep passion for electronic music. She has been developing her electronic music production skills. Her influences include jungle, drum and bass, hip hop, trip hop and world sounds. ROMI’s music is a combination of happiness and darkness, rhythmic percussions and just crazy and freaky noises that will immerse you in her weird head. Listen to one of recent pieces below and expect to see more from ROMI in 2014.

“If you want to learn music production, yet you work all day, all night, weekends, holidays, change locations constantly or just have weird shifts, Dubspot Online could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. With easy access to well structured materials and amazing teachers, this will be your life time opportunity to start creating your own music. Thank you Dubspot =)” – Romi Zapata

Martin Naranjo // Quito, Ecuador

Martin Naranjo - Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Martin Naranjo – Dubspot Student Spotlight Jan. 2014

Martin Naranjo was born in Quito, Ecuador on April 15, 1994. Since he was 10 years old, music has been a big part of his life. It was then he began playing electric guitar in rock bands and finding new ways to create music. Nowadays, he is trying to develop his very own kind of music by adopting the best parts of each style of the music he is influenced by. His participation in the electronic music movement as well as his quest to match each element in a perfect equilibrium creates the path to his ideal sound. Some of his biggest influences are in the deep house and ambient spectrum of music; artists like Nicolas Jarr, Henry Saiz, Hernan Cattaneo, and Nicola Cruz. Other influences include artists like Pink Floyd, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin. These bands played a key role in Martin’s musical development. Now he is using Ableton live for music production, performance, and seeking labels to take his music global.

“At the beginning when I started using Ableton Live, trying to get a good sound was fun, but I didn’t know enough about how to use it. After Dubspot, I now know how to make any sound or musical idea that comes to my mind and develop it as a normal process without any trouble – Martin Naranjo