Dubspot Radio Podcast: Mungo’s Hi Fi

This episode of Dubspot Radio pays tribute to Mungo’s Hi Fi, the Glasgow-based sound system and production unit who are known for their quality reggae/dancehall selections.

Mungo's Hi Fi



1. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Sugar Minott – Scrubadub Style
2. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Daddy Freddy – Dubplate
3. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Eek-A-Mouse – Hire and Removal Refix
4. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Soom T – Jump Up Quickly
5. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Warrior Queen – Poison Dart Refix (Dubplate)
6. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Mr. Williamz – Call Mungo’s For Me
7. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Dread MC – Mash Up The Bumboclaat
8. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Brother Culture – Slip and Slide
9. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Mr. Williamz – Musically Mad
10. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Murrayman – Mashup Jah Earth
11. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Lyricson – Grudge and Vanity
12. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Ben Jammin – Mexican Bean
13. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Mr. Williamz – Give Thanks To Jah
14. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Little Kirk – Kill Them Out Remix
15. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Pupajim – Ready Ready
16. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Sugar Minott – Herbsman Hussling
17. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Soom T – Don’t Defend Me
18. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Mr. Williamz – Computer Age
19. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat YT – World News
20. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Bongo Chilli – Nuttin Nah Gwaan
21. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Sister Carol – Culture Me Vote
22. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Daddy Freddy – Dread Inna Armagideon
23. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Daddy Scotty – Stand Off
24. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Afrikan Simba and Dixie Peach – Leave The Oil Alone
25. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Pupajim – Boat People
26. Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Ranking Levy – New York Boogie


About Mungo’s Hi Fi

Mungo’s Hi Fi are a Glasgow-based sound system and production unit who pull off that rare trick of making reggae/dancehall that is original and of quality.

Mungo’s was the brainchild of two likeminded dance DJs at the turn of the millennium, inspired by King Tubby, Prince Jammy and the UK’s Unity Sounds. True to reggae/dancehall’s DIY ethos, they built their first sound system from speakers found in a skip and began producing on an old Atari.

They started inviting visiting vocalists to their regular nights in Glasgow to hold the mic and then join them in the studio. Following some early recordings on London’s Dubhead records, including debut album Mungo’s Hi Fi Meets Brother Culture, they founded their Scotch Bonnet label in 2005.

Today Mungo’s is a global operation with five members: all committed to spreading their philosophy of serious, seismic productions plus easy going democratic dancehall fun. Highly collaborative, they’ve worked with everyone from Sugar Minott and Ranking Joe in Jamaica to Major Lazer in America, Kenny Knots and Solo Banton in England, and Scotland’s Soom T.

So far they’ve released five albums featuring an ensemble of talented artists: 2009’s c Champions, 2011’s Forward Ever, 2013’s Brand New Bangarang, 2014’s Serious Time and 2015’s Serious Time. All combine a keen sense of history with a wicked creative streak and some industrial strength drum ‘n’ bass. Like their inspirations, Mungo’s believe in testing their music where it matters: at their hugely popular parties and events worldwide.

A sound system, a production house and a unique way of doing things – Mungo’s Hi Fi are always looking for new collaborators and people who share their vision. It’s a vision based on taking music more seriously than yourself and pushing forward while never forgetting where you’re from.

Connect with Mungo’s Hi Fi on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Website


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  • 8/12/2016

como siempre, buena informacion, porque no ponen videos de sus eventos que tienen o hacen? pues yo quiera ver videos donde se reunen para festejar o videos de alguna compentencia de dj]; no veo ningun video solo videos de como se manejan los programa eso casi no interesa mucho (…)