GOTH-TRAD (Deep Medi / Japan) – Exclusive Mix Recorded @ Dubspot NYC! Podcast 031

We are very excited to present the latest Dubspot podcast from “The Sound Originator” himself, Japan’s very own Takeaki Maruyama a.k.a. Deep Medi Musik recording artist GOTH-TRAD. For those who are not familiar with his work, get ready to be introduced to one of the most remarkable electronic music artists and performers working in the field of bass music at the moment. Heavily influenced by electronic music pioneers like Kraftwerk and pivotal labels like Warp Records, young Takeaki was turned onto the sounds of electronic music from an early age. As GOTH-TRAD, Takeaki has been performing and releasing forward-thinking, boundary-pushing electronic music for over a decade. His releases can be found on one of Britain’s most trusted and influential labels for bass-heavy soundsystem music, Deep Medi. This mix was recorded live at Dubspot and contains substantial material from GOTH-TRAD’s most recent album, New Epoch (out now on Deep Medi) along with tunes from labelmates and like-minded producers Distance and V.I.V.E.K.

GOTH-TRAD (Deep Medi / Japan) – Exclusive Mix Recorded @ Dubspot NYC! Podcast 031 by Dubspot

GOTH-TRAD Dubspot Podcast Tracklist

01. GOTH-TRAD – Grind (dub)
02. GOTH-TRAD – Dark Path (DEEP MEDi)
03. Karma – Meanings (dub)
04. GOTH-TRAD – Cosmos (DEEP MEDi)
05. GOTH-TRAD – Axis (dub)
06. GOTH-TRAD – Seeker (DEEP MEDi)
07. GOTH-TRAD – Man in the Maze (DEEP MEDi)
08. GOTH-TRAD – Departure (DEEP MEDi)
09. Distance – Traffic [GOTH-TRAD Remix] (Planet Mu)
10. GOTH-TRAD – Air Breaker (DEEP MEDi)
11. GOTH-TRAD – Itinerant Priest (DEEP MEDi)
12. Pampidoo – Synthesizer Voice [GOTH-TRAD Remix VIP] (dub)
13. GOTH-TRAD – Cut End VIP (dub)
14. Johnney Osbourne – Fally Rankinig [V.I.V.E.K. Remix]  (Greensleeves Dubstep)
15. GOTH-TRAD – Meteor (dub)
16. GOTH-TRAD – Born To Know (dub)
17. GOTH-TRAD – New Epoch (DEEP MEDi)