DJ Kiva drops two new remixes

kiva, tubbyDub Lives On_artworkDJ, producer, and Dubspot instructor DJ Kiva has two brand-spankin new remixes now available for the general public’s listening pleasure.  The two songs have a decidedly different sound, yet both clearly demonstrate this multi-talented musician’s studio skill-set.

Dub Lives On,” is the result of Kiva’s friendship with King Tubby’s nephew, Digital Tubby.  The two met around Y2K in Brooklyn by performing together at various underground events, and formed a friendship based around their shared love of heavy bass, futuristic beats, Dub, and music as a whole.

Recently Digital Tubby reached out to Kiva, asking for help in reworking some of his uncle’s legendary work.  ”Dub Lives On” pays homage to the legend who inspired the careers of so many, stoking the fires and warming the waters for a future generation of Dub-heads.

Want to grab it?  Click here to download.

The next, “I Wanna Be With You,” was originally kiva, white, I Wanna Be With You_artworkrecorded through a collaborative effort between Detroit broken beat and techno producer Arch_Typ and vocalist Sarah White on Bagpak Records in NYC.  The two contacted DJ Kiva earlier this year to remix the song.  The result is a high quality track with some great synth work and a deliciously catchy bass-line, which has recently been getting underground dance floors moving around the city.

Click here to get it.

Another goodie, check out “I Wanna Be With You” performed live in the video below.