Dubspot Overview: Ableton Push Software Devices! Mutant Synth Pack, Clyphx 2, Push CCs, PXT Live, PXT-General

Dubspot blogger and Ableton Push guru Josh Spoon introduces five Ableton Push software devices that can expand the capabilities of your Ableton Push controller.  

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Ableton Push - Mutant Synth Pack, Clyphx 2, Push CCs, PXT Live, PXT-General

Ableton Push Software Devices

Out of the box, Push has amazing features. Still, there are a few on my wish list. In this article, I’ll discuss a few software add-ons that can help keep your hands on Push and off the mouse.

Mutant Synth Pack

The Mutant Synth Pack includes three synths and a step sequencer designed for use with Push: The Clone, Puls8or and Rouge-One (sampled from the Roland SH-101, Waldorf Pulse+, and Sequential Circuits Pro-One), and the Mutant Step Sequencer.

The Mutant Step Sequencer, a Max for Live device, turns Push into a custom-built sequencer for these three synths. With it’s eight preset pages, you can easily edit accents, octaves, note length, and legato slides from the pads. In addition, the sequencer can automate up to four parameters at a time using “Sequence Modulation,” which is great for getting hands-on, pad-based tweaking in the studio and live.

The best part of the Mutant Step Sequencer is the Spiral Pattern Generator. It generates crazy patterns and spectacular color animations based on the pad you press. If you love working with pads over encoders, then go and grab this pack for $40 and you will not be disappointed.

Clyphx 2

Push setting start at around 2:30

Clyphx 2 by nativeKontrol is a MIDI Remote Script that enables control of many aspects of Live from clips. For example, Clyphx makes it possible to store Push’s current key in a Live Set, something that’s not possible otherwise. Download and see what other features Clyphx offers, all for free.

Push CCs

PushCCs is a Max patch that converts the aftertouch messages generated by Push’s pads into CC messages. This lets you use the  pads like encoders. Map your macros to the pads and you’ll have poly pressure effects at your fingertips. There is also an option to hold your effects in place by using one of the corner pads as a latch.

(Sidenote: I recently mentioned to Aaron Levitz my wish that Push User Mode would allow me to tweak effect parameters from the pads (like I used to with my Trigger Finger). Aaron responded three hours later with PushCCs.)

PXT Live


PXT-Live, developed by nativeKontrol, is a set of scripts to expand Push’s control of Ableton Live. (to MPC nerds: if Push was the MPC, PXT-Live is JJOS). One great thing about PXT-Live is that you can use its features alongside the default Ableton features. Here are a few things it can do: live clip chopping, control Live’s audio routing, remap encoders, and edit the touch strip. Between the native features and those added by PXT-Live, there isn’t much you can’t do from the Push hardware. PXT-Live works for Mac and PC and is $19.50.



PXT-General is the newest application from nativeKontrol. This app adds even more value to Push by allowing it to work with other DAWs like Reaper, Reason and Logic. PXT-General offers deep control over Push’s controls, from setting up specific CC messages and remapping, to capturing keystrokes to recall from Push. PXT-General also makes User Mode more pleasant by stopping the touch strip and encoders from sending notes when touched, along with a host of other customization features.

Dubspot blogger Josh Spoon is an Ableton Live veteran, blogger, drummer, music producer and live performer. Josh has a residency with the eclectic Los Angeles electronic music collective Space Circus,performing every first Friday of the month, and just released his first concept EP of grooving low-end originals entitled Man on Mars.

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