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FutureMusic & DubSpot present…

What’s Next…

Music Technology Seminar

The Pacemaker, Ecler EVO5 and Jazz Mutant Dexter

Saturday, October 13th @ 5PM
@ DubSpot
348 West 14th Street – MEZZ
New York, NY 10014
1-877-DUBSPOT (382-7768)
RSVP: whatsnext@futuremusic.com

FutureMusic and DubSpot have announced a new music technology series to showcase the latest cutting edge electronic music gear from all over the world. The first seminar will be held on October 13th, 2007 at the DubSpot facilities and feature three of the most exciting products of the year, the Pacemaker, the Ecler EVO5 and the Jazz Mutant Dexter.

The Pacemaker, one of the most anticipated DJ products of the year, is a portable DJ device that enables the user to do everything that a full mixing rig can accomplish in the palm of your hand. Not only is the Pacemaker the first pocket-sized DJ system, but it also features many exciting features never before offered including the first platform for legal mix sharing. This will be the first public demonstration in North America. http://www.pacemaker.net/

The Ecler EVO5 is a bleeding-edge, stand-alone mixer / MIDI controller with a built-in 12-channel FireWire sound card with 24bit/96kHz resolution. But if that wasn’t enough, the EVO5 comes with one of the most powerful effects processors tailored to DJing available today. And to ensure that the EVO5 stays on the edge, its internal software can be updated with new parameters, new effects and new features with a simple download. The best news? You won’t have to mortgage your home to buy one. So if you’re looking for the highest-quality mixer that will enable you to mix vinyl, CD, and utilize the latest DJ software in one package, then you should definitely check out the most comprehensive demonstration of this new mixer to date. http://www.evobyecler.com

Jazz Mutant made a name for itself a couple of years ago by introducing the first fully-customizable, multi-touch interface on the market. The Lemur caused a sensation world-wide and has been co-opted by several progressive producers and musicians including Bjork, who used it extensively on her last tour. Now the Mutant’s are back with a new multi-touch controller dedicated to controlling Logic, Sonar and Cubase. The Dexter comes preconfigured to support these leading Digital Audio Workstations, just plug it in and you’re ready to rock. A complete demonstration of the Dexter on Apple’s Logic 8 will be conducted with DubSpot’s world-class instructors. http://www.jazzmutant.com

If you’d like to attend the What’s Next – New Technology Seminar, please send an email to whatsnext@futuremusic.com and tell us about yourself. Space is very limited, so don’t delay. There will also be special promotions and giveaways throughout the demonstration! More information: http://www.futuremusic.com/whatsnext/

For media inquiries or press attendance, please contact Betty Kang at Plexi PR – betty@plexipr.com.