Dubspot Sound Selections .01 :: Salva, GuGu, Morgan Zarate, + giraffe/giraffe

[GuGu - "AC Riddim", DVA Music (Jan. 2011) COP IT ]

Tropical bass so very often leans towards the filthier side of things when choosing its bass influences. But ‘AC Riddim’ by GuGu exposes the fallacy of that reasoning. Named after its EP title, The Afro Cuban, it’s a tuff UK funky track that features some Havana horns and keys. The beat is straight up funky, with its skittery syncopation and massive bass stabs, and only soaks in a touch of that embargoed Caribbean sun in the form of shakers and congas. Sure, GuGu isn’t the first to bring a style like this. In fact, it skirts pretty close to that one Latin influenced track on every Ibiza house compilation in existence. But UK funky is still relatively new and constantly evolving. And this particular track has got a little bit of everything for even the most split personality – the buried throbbing kicks for the raver in them, the giant bass bounce that speaks to their b-boy tendencies, and the feel of live instrumentation to sate that desire for an organic dish. All around satisfying. - MS

Most of the sounds on “I’ll Be Your Friend” by Salva feature a sonic geometry, a sense of space and depth. It’s not difficult to picture shapes and materials interacting together. Hollow tubes bouncing off ridged wood, plastic zip accents, soft coatings wrapped around a solid firmness. These rich aural designs are combined with throwback voltage signals, mimicked instruments, and a vocal sample taken from the track this song was named after. This large orchestra of objects cooperate gracefully with one another, allowing each its own space to be heard clearly or combining in sync to emphasis certain properties. Their progression offers a series of rhythmic sections tied together by the thematic silicone bounce and cymbal smash. Transfixing on both primal and intellectual levels. [COP IT] - MS

[Morgan Zarate - "Hookid" (Hyperdub, Jan. 2011). COP IT ]

If grime could some how board a plane to LA, “Hookid” is what the trip would sound like. In fact, Morgan Zarate is a British artist who did actually move to LA for a while before returning home and coming up with this track. The jagged synths from grime’s future gutter stylees are paired with the psychedelic boom bap advancement of the LA lifestyle. Epic melodies struggle under the oppression of twisted effects and booms bounce so high that rapid fire robo claps can run laps arounds loping hand drums before the bap ever hits. A subterranean loop digs deep underground, far removed from the glittering night skies that shine like a flossy victory. These various ends are all brought together to create this seemingly obvious result, but one that had yet to be realized until now. - MS

“Winter” is very difficult to pin down, and that’s one of the things that makes it so interesting. It’s all very electronic, yet in a way that only uses technology to extract the best qualities out of live instrumentation. The rhythm is based on cumbia, but only subtly. And the related accordion is so effected as to resemble some otherworldly apparatus. Giant steely marimbas turn over long melodies with the dedication of pistons. Deep basslines throb warmly. Claves skitter about the feet of elephant kicks. The reimagined accordion appears as the shard of an idea that instantly drifts off as an echoey memory, then reappears as a loopy melody. All these individual sounds blend together as a smoothly polished whole. giraffe/giraffe is a new project between Nate Mars and Erika Wei. [DOWNLOAD THE FREE EP.] - MS

  • Shiftee
  • 2/26/2011

Hookid is on my new mix for KNKT3D Magazine!


  • sickdub
  • 2/26/2011

luvin ya’ll n ya’llz music! much respect and luv from Eugene, home of the green.