Terror Danjah + Munchi + La Ola Criminal = Weekend Music Choices

[Munchi -- "Shottas feat Mr. Lexx"]

Considering the level of excitement Munchi‘s caused, and the overwhelming amount of free music he’s put out, it’s about time he has a release available for purchase. This Rotterdam-based producer came to the public’s attention with the rise of Moombahton, a mix of Dutch house and reggaeton. He took that style’s origins of combined genres and brought it to another level, gleefully throwing together club musics from all across the globe on the regular. The Murda Sound EP, available on T&A, is no exception. One could spill a lot of electric ink discussing the origins of each track (which Muchi does thoroughly on his Soundcloud page) and the release spans from Baltimore club to future bass-styled R’nB. But sometimes it’s just best to get to the heart of what music actually is, not just where is came from. And the track below was actually made with that in mind – as a sort of middle finger to genre herbs. “Shottas” leans back hard, featuring rolling, growling bass lines, skittery percussive layers, and badman vocals by Mr. Lexx. The track rides with effortless gangsta chat, briefly meeting with interjections of roots sections and lyrics seeking a solution, before jumping back in the heavy tank. Dancefloor murda right here. Please show Munchi some love and cop this one. - MS

[Terror Danjah -- "S.O.S."]

While Munchi is still relatively new to the people’s ears, Terror Danjah has been around for a hot minute. The East London producer has been making beats for grime emcees since the beginning, although he got his start as a drum & bass deejay. Most recently, he dropped a full length album on Hyperdub called Undeniable. Like many other releases on the label, it’s hard to really categorize as anything other than a Hyperdub release. It certainly doesn’t stick to grime or grime instrumentals (if you want that, scoop up his recent free releases, Hardstrumentals and Shock to the System), but the genre serves as a foundation for the full effort. The track we’ve chosen to highlight below is “S.O.S.”, a minimal and techy affair that revolves around a series of beeps which gave the track its name. It begins with a grime beat, but midway switches into a slow tempo 4/4 thump interspersed with jungle breaks, all while raw and staticy synths provide a subtle melody. - MS

[La Ola Criminal -- "Sin Gas"]

And finally, we come back closer to home with a release featured on the new Dutty Artz compilation New York Tropical. The mix is a collection of music from around the world, ranging from cumbia to UK funky. It’s based on a party of the same name, which is unfortunately on pause for the moment, thrown by the Brooklyn collective. The track below, “Sin Gas” by Puerto Rico’s La Ola Criminal, is a take on mambo de calle, which is a new style of digital merengue. The Criminal, also known as Magnum, uses some acoustic-styled drums layered with triumphant synths to get things sweaty and hype. Slower kicks are layered with maddeningly fast, woody highs and punctuated with marching drum rolls. Calmer dancehall rhythms are spliced in every so often to offer a breather. Definitely a good representation of the rest of the release. - MS