Visual Performance Tutorial: How to Sync Audio + Video Using Ableton Live and VDMX

In this video tutorial, Dubspot course designers Benton-C Bainbridge and V Owen Bush take us inside Vidvox’s VDMX software–the application at the center of our new Visual Performance Program–and offer a glimpse at some of the concepts and techniques that will be explored in the course.

In our second Visual Performance video tutorial, Dubspot course designer V Owen Bush of Glowing Pictures explains how to synchronize audio and video in VDMX and demonstrates step-by-step how to sync VDMX with Ableton Live. He further offers some tips on using audio to manipulate visuals and isolating, modifying, and assigning specific audio frequencies to visual elements.

Head over to Beeple to download some video clips to use for this lesson.

If you’ve never encountered VDMX before, check out our previous Visual Performance video tutorial here for a brief introduction to this powerful software. You can download the archive of clips used in this video from Vidvox here.