Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson & Shaun Reeves are Visionquest

2011 is gonna be hot. And these four producers from Detroit are aimed to take hold of our attention from the start with Visionquest – a new label that launches January 31. With Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtiss and Ryan Crosson at the helm of this galactic house machine we can expect some funky and forward-thinking grooves. The first four Visionquest EPs have been announced and the inaugural release is by producers of the moment Benoit & Sergio, a duo from D.C. who made quite an impression with their recent Midnight People EP on Spectral Sound.

Visionquest 001 – Where The Freaks Have No Name EP will feature the title track as well as two other cuts that can you can check out in the soundcloud clip below. “Walk and Talk” (heard in the video above) has been the rage of dancefloors with the memorable lyrics: My baby does k all day… she doesn’t wash her hair, doesn’t wash her clothes, just sits on the couch watching television shows. Reeves says of the release, “They’ve delivered us a fantastic EP about the lurid pleasures of a dance future that has emerged from the excesses of pop’s past.”

Where The Freaks Have No Name EP – VQ001 – Clips by GetDownGood

As DJs and performers – Troxler, Reeves, Curtiss and Crosson (in combination or solo) command dancefloors with cosmic sounds, tracky bass bangers and a heavily stylized tone that they’ve cultivated from working together. A sense of humor combined with wicked track selection and a depth of music knowledge have made all of these guys worldwide stars. Reeves and Crosson played London’s Fabric club in October to promote Visionquest and there’s a nice mix they created to promote the event below. Seth Troxler also played Fabric earlier this year and stopped by our studios to chat about music creation (read more here.)

More from Fabric on the future of Visionquest:

Shaun: Visionquest has been something that has been happening throughout the course of mankind’s evolution of conciousness. In many ancient civilizations, and some indigenous tribes still present to this day, it is seen as a right of passage towards a new beginning. Sometimes it is used for healing purposes but more often involves an individual going alone into an unknown wilderness while fasting, seeking an vision or sign that will define the future course of their life.

Ryan: For the past few years we’ve been looking for some sort of new beginning musically as a way to communicate to others what our idea of quality music should be while not confining that idea solely to the dance floor. We are hoping to bring back an aesthetic of artwork, music, vinyl culture and unique party atmospheres to ring in a new generation of underground culture.

Shaun: For our first four releases on our Visionquest label we are bringing in 3 duos and one female solo artist, all of whom are relatively new on the music scene. The debut release will feature Benoit & Sergio who have previously released on Spectral Sound and have an EP out on DFA early in the new year. They’ve delivered us a fantastic EP about the lurid pleasures of a dance future that has emerged from the excesses of pop’s past. The second release is from a duo called Footprintz out of Montreal. They have a pop sensibility to their music, kind of like a deeper version of MGMT, and a few other labels are already champing at the bit to sign further tracks from them.

Ryan: Visionquest 003 will be the Italian wonder pair, Tale of Us. Karm and Matteo are such genuinely great people and it shows both in their productions and their DJ and live performances. Their use of vocals on the record creates an amazingly sensual vibe. The fourth release will be quite a special one. We are releasing 2-4 tracks by an unknown talent from Mexico City, Niki Nakazawa. The best way of describing her sound would be vocal indie rock/folk pressed on 7″ vinyl with full artwork to boot.

Fabric Podcast by ryan_crosson

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