Virus Syndicate @ Dubspot (Contagious / Planet Mu) Video Interview + Dark Room Set

JSD, Nika D, and MRK1 of Manchester, UK’s Virus Syndicate stopped by Dubspot NYC recently ahead of their Dark Room performance Brooklyn’s Public Assembly. The group have been active since the early 2000s, performing and releasing music on various labels including Planet Mu and their very own Contagious Recordings. They were one of the earliest groups experimenting with grime and dubstep. One of the group’s key members, MC Goldfinger, wasn’t present but MCs JSD and Nika D along with DJ/producer MRK1 (Mark One) sat down for a brief interview. The members talk about their early days (how they came together), the evolution of grime and dubstep, the importance of having original voices and unique sounds, music composition and production (mixing vocals), music technology, live performances, and much more.