Logic Accelerator Series w/ Bill Lee: 2-Part Video Tutorial on Flex Time Audio Editing

Tutorial: Logic Accelerator Series w/ Bill Lee: Flex Time Audio Editing – Part 1

Tutorial: Logic Accelerator Series w/ Bill Lee: Flex Time Audio Editing – Part 2

Logic‘s Flex Time processing is a great way to stretch audio without changing pitch. You can use the techniques shown here to quantize beats, compress region lengths to match your song tempo or to completely mangle your audio.

There are many concepts to discuss on Flex Time so we’ve split the video into two parts. And these still don’t cover it all, so continue exploring afterwards. Be sure to get familiar with Flex View, Flex Modes, the Flex Tool, Flex Markers and Transient Markers.

The processes used can be applied to any audio region without destructively changing the original audio file. The results are achieved quickly because it is a “realtime” effect that needs no additional time to process offline. Practice Flex edits with beats, vocals, samples, basically ANY audio!

One of my favorite Flex Time uses is for tightening up live percussion. Try this on one of your tracks that already has the basic drums:

1. Record a few bars of a simple pattern with any percussion instrument you have lying around – wood block, clave, cowbell, shaker, or even strike an empty beer bottle with a chopstick.
2. Turn Flex View on, and Select Rhythmic Mode on your percussion track.
3. Apply a quantize setting from the Region Parameters box (top-left, above the channel strips).
4. Under “Advanced Quantization”, apply about 80 – 90% of “Q-Strength”. This will move your audio transients closer to the grid (tighter!) but still keep your human feel. Easy!

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