Video Tutorial: Novation 25 SL MIDI Keyboard Controller + Logic Pro Automapping

In this video tutorial, Novation product specialist Brandon Carroll stops by Dubspot to explain and demonstrate creative production possibilities with Novation 25 SL MkII MIDI Keyboard Controller and Logic Pro. Brandon starts by showing how to setup the 25 SL, which comes with Automap Pro, and gives you total control over your production software. He further shows you how to enable touch-sensitive knobs and faders and utilize the X and Y modulation and drum pads, sort through patches, access plug-in instruments and effects and create a track with chord progression and groove.

For further exploration of Ultrabeat and Logic be sure to check out Dubspot’s new six level Logic Pro program designed by Dubspot Electronic Music Production Instructor Matt Shadetek.  In the six levels of the course, both in Dubspot’s new online school and physical classroom in New York City students will learn to create a four track EP, starting with a set of musical sketches and developing them over the course of six levels, refining their craft as they advance.

Logic Pro Producer Certificate Program

132 hours of hands-on instruction in NYC | 60-80 hours of high quality videos ONLINE
NYC classes start May 24 th / Online classes start August 7th
  • Midi Music Keyboard | MNC Makina Music
  • 5/25/2011

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  • MrWIlson
  • 5/25/2011

Hello…I have been sitting here at the computer for an hour now trying to figure out how to get my pads to control the mixer, piano editor, and track selection like in the video. Do you guys have a template for automap that you can share?