Video: Peter Kruder & Christian Prommer: Making of Drumlesson Zwei: !K7 Records

This special Dubspot video gives a behind the scenes view into the production process of two electronic music giants – Peter Kruder and Christian Prommer.

During Winter Music Conference this past March, Peter and Christian – fresh off their work on Prommer’s new album Drum Lesson Zwei, which Kruder produced – stopped by our EDU Suite at the Shore Club on South Beach to open up a laptop, fire up some Logic sets, and take us inside their creative experience working together.

Christian Prommer’s new album has a crisp and natural sound that bursts with energy and raw drums: throughout the process, the two used a minimal amount of effects.  Their workshop took us into a deep analysis of the entire process, from explaining the sound of the album – effects applications, compositional strategies, studio methods, guest musicians, recording process – to their personal interactions, inspirations, and so much more.

We are proud to present this video to the public, and are looking forward to working with Peter and Christian again on projects in the future.

These special events define Dubspot’s trademark style and unique position in the music world. As a school, we sit inside the industry, and therefore involve ourselves as such. There is no more powerful medium for encouraging artistic creativity than connecting musicians with those who have inspired – we bridge the gap between generations.