Video: Exploring Modular Synthesizers – Portland’s Control Voltage w/ Dubspot @ Decibel Festival

Dubspot sits down with Jason Kramer, owner of the Portland-based modular synth store Control Voltage at Seattle’s Decibel Festival to talk about building your own modular synthesizer, the many uses of control voltage, and the “happy accidents” that come with the process. 

A modular synthesizer is a synthesizer composed of separate smaller specialized parts that can be mixed and matched to create a custom signal flow. Pioneered by R.A. Moog Co. (now known as Moog Music) in the 1960s and once thought to be all but obsolete, modular synthesizers have seen a surge in popularity recently. Building a modular synthesizer can be a highly rewarding yet highly addicting project and the customizability of a modular synthesizer means that two setups are rarely alike. Modular synthesizers are also truly a blast to play with! Well-known modular synth users include Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Trent Reznor, Junior Boys and James Holden.

This year at Seattle’s Decibel Festival, we asked Jason Kramer and Control Voltage to lead an EDU session and to bring along many of the modular synthesizers and boutique analog gear available at the shop.  Attendees could experience the workflow, get hands on with modulars and discover the fun and spontaneity of these devices. Make sure to stay tuned to the Dubspot blog for information on Dubspot’s workshops at our NYC campus and at a festival near you!