Catch Dubspot’s Visual Performance Course Designers Glowing Pictures @ EDC NY + Download Free VDMX Pack!

Dubspot Visual Performance course designers Benton-C Bainbridge and V Owen Bush of Glowing Pictures have released a new performance pack for VDMX, and the duo will be performing at the upcoming EDC festival in New York.

Conception Performance Pack for VDMX

Dubspot Visual Performance course designers Benton-C Bainbridge and V Owen Bush (aka Glowing Pictures) have just released “Conception,” a new visual performance pack that they were contracted to create for Vidvox’s VDMX software. This download offers “a free set of creative commons licensed video clips from GLOWING PICTURES for use in VDMX and other Visual Performance applications.” You can download the performance pack here and you can check out the visuals below (note the fantastic soundtrack by Dubspot’s Professor Nalepa.)

Vidvox’s VDMX software is a powerful tool for creating motion graphics and visual performance. The program offers a modular system of tools that allow you to integrate multiple types of media into a custom performance workflow.

VDMX can provide any solution we can think of for visual performance and installation,” explains V Owen Bush. “If the solution isn’t already built into VDMX, you can bring in input from other applications, video inputs, webpages, MIDI, DMX or OSC control, or build your own effects in Quartz Composer, and route them all through VDMX to the display. So VDMX is usually the only tool we need for live visual interaction and it’s always the hub of any video project.”

Glowing Pictures @ EDC NY

Benton-C Bainbridge and V Owen Bush will also be performing this weekend at the EDC NY event where they will be performing live visuals on the Neon Garden stage. “For EDC we’ll be working with Vello and Peter from  V Squared Labs. On Friday I will be assisting Vello on the main stage and on Saturday Glowing Pictures will do visuals for the “neon garden” stage all day & night,” Explains Bainbridge.

Dubspot’s Visual Performance Program

In Dubspot’s Visual Performance Program you will learn the basics of performing, producing and manipulating visual content. In this program, you’ll work with a toolkit of the latest software (including Vidvox VDMX, Quartz Composer and Adobe After Effects) and create your own setup to do visuals at live shows. You’ll develop your creative vision through hands-on practice producing and performing.

Dubspot’s Visual Performance curriculum was designed by V Owen Bush and Benton-C Bainbridge of Glowing Pictures, a company they founded together in 2004. Bush and Bainbridge are pioneers of live visual performance, with an extensive list of collaborators and credits including work with the Beastie Boys, Pauline Oliveros, Animal Collective, Flying Lotus, Four Tet, Grace Jones, Kanye West, and Moby, to name a few. They have presented their work across five continents, at venues like the Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Modern Art, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, the American Museum of Natural History, SFMOMA, the Mercat des les Flors (Barcelona), LUX2006 (Sevilla), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Roma), Sonic Light (Amsterdam), Wien Modern (Vienna), Inventionen (Berlin), and the Teatro Colón CETC (Buenos Aires). Over the years they have innovated and helped to develop tools and techniques for visual performance, collaborating with the software design company Vidvox LLC to develop live video software including VDMX, the central application used in the course.