Ultrasone gear discounts for Dubspot friends and family

Ultrasone makes some pretty great headphones,
and Dubspot gets a pretty nice discount for our Ultrasoneblog10.15friends and family, so if you’re interested, check it out, and grab some gear for cheaper.

Specifically right now, they are offering us a deal on the DJ1 models. Developed for DJs, they are described as follows:

Ultrasone developed these outstanding pair of professional DJ headphones. Using a heavy duty 50 mm Mylar driver, the closed-back DJ1 PRO provides the most powerful music output in combination with the most advanced technologies. Equipped with MU-Metal shielding these headphones also meet the needs of DJs considering safer hearing aspects.

Check out their site, and let us know if you want em for cheaper, info@dubspot.com.  We get the DJ1′s for 149.99 and the DJ1 Pros for 199.99