Tunnidge (Deep Medi / Chestplate / GetDarker) @ Dubspot: Video Interview + Production Tips

In September Dubspot had the pleasure of hosting Deep Medi Musik recording artist Tunnidge for a live streaming workshop. In these Dubspot-produced video recap of Tunnidge’s appearance and workshop, the London producer offers a significant array of production advice, from EQing samples, to mixing and mastering suggestions, and even some tips on how get top DJs to play your tunes! Tunnidge goes in depth on his use of a PAZ Analyzer to clean up samples, Kontakt 5, and the frequency minefield of mixdowns.

Some of Tunnidge’s best advice can be heard clearly enough in his music, all of it made to a perfectionist’s ear, each element obsessed over, and sitting perfectly balanced within the mix.

Tunnidge’s latest 12” is “Control” b/w “Decay,” released on the Get Darker imprint, sounds like standing outside of a space ship construction zone, the muffled sound of a metal-cutting saw occasionally rising and falling.Tunnidge – “Decay” out now on GetDarker

An easy standout release from both the Tunnidge catalog and Deep Medi’s is 2008’s blistering “Geddeon,” which expertly positions a ruff ragga vocal with an ethereal female voice, creating an emotional palette ripe for a heavy drop that bubbles and bounces with a tight, thick bassline.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIkA1DcuSkYTunnidge – “Giddeon” out now Deep Medi Musik

In other decidedly gothic and relentless productions like “7 Breaths,” a release for Distance’s Chestplate imprint, Tunnidge unleashes a stomach-turning amount of bass weight that will have anyone near a sub, out of breath.Tunnidge – “7 Breaths” out now Chestplate

Purveyor of deep, dark, sub-driven beats, Tunnidge has quickly forged a reputation as a heavyweight of the Dubstep scene. Possessing a murky, cavernous sound as equally hypnotic as it is enlivening he has consistently produced quality progressive music since his first release. And what a first release: still rinsed by the biggest DJ’s in the scene, Geddeon/Face Melt remains a classic 12″ that will batter the best of sound systems and leave the dance floor well and truly slain.

What’s more, it’s testament to Tunnidge’s production prowess that this debut came on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik imprint, widely acknowledged as a seminal label and one known for its exemplar releases. Stripping the sound back to its key components of bass and beats, Tunnidge produces a purist’s sound: sub-bass that can be felt from head to toe, alongside a carefully-crafted snare that makes you flinch every time it rings out across the dance floor.

Indeed, such is the strength of his sonic identity that a Tunnidge tune is instantly recognisable, with characteristic snares, intelligent use of samples and unmistakeable control over bass line melodies. A perfect example of this, and a highlight of Tunnidge’s production repertoire, is Higher Forces’ (released on established underground label Boka Records), a tune fit for a cold, dank dungeon, with haunting echoic vocals and a relentless, mesmerising kick drum.

When in collaboration with producers of a similar stature and style the results have been blistering; The Lights/Ding Ding 12″ produced alongside Cyrus and released on their Origin Audio imprint – a new label set up to support producers still making challenging, sub-low beats – was a top seller in Blackmarket Records, one of the leading bass music shops in the UK, a week after its release. Collaborations with Distance have been fruitful too with the evil, ball and chain sounds of Blame currently receiving heavy play on Rinse FM and other stations dedicated to the best in UK bass music. [read more.]

Tunnidge heads – artwork for Deep Medi