DJ Shiftee, QBert, Rafik – New Traktor Pro 2 Video: Breakfast Of Champions!

Native Instruments never cease to surprise us with incredible performance footages! NI unleashed this unexpected clip from featuring a trio of the world’s finest scratch DJs including DJ icon Qbert, 2X DMC champ and Dubspot Instructor Shiftee, and DJ champ/clubrocker/producer Rafik getting down with the next generation of Traktor DJ gear. In this clip, the three champs are performing on 4 turntables with one Traktor Scratch Pro 2, Maschine – which here is used as a MIDI controller for Traktor, and Traktor Audio 10.

Want to know how Qbert, Shiftee, and Rafik put together The Breakfast Of Champions performance? Stay tuned to Dubspot for  DJ Shiftee’s Breakfast Of Champions Expose! We’ll unveil the video in which Shiftee demystifies this fantastic performance.

Traktor Breakfast of Champions description:

See the world’s scratch elite devour the new generation of Traktor DJ gear in this spectacular performance.

Traktor was on the menu at a Breakfast of Champions recently, hosted at Qbert’s crib in San Francisco. Witness a three-way jam session with DMC Champs Qbert, Shiftee and Rafik performing on 4 turntables with just one Traktor Scratch Pro 2 system in this video, making full use of the 10 inputs and outputs of the included Traktor Audio 10 interface.

Native Instruments Maschine is used as a MIDI controller for Traktor. All Traktor generation 2 products like Traktor Scratch Pro 2 or its included Traktor Audio 10 interface (also available separately) will hit stores worldwide on April 1st.

You can see the full Traktor range and preorder products at

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