Traktor & Maschine Video Tutorial Series w/ DJ Endo

Dubspot Instructor and DJ product specialist for Native Instruments Mike Henderson (aka DJ Endo) has provided some incredible tutorial videos for DJs learning (or current users) of Traktor Scratch Pro and Traktor Pro over the last couple of months. Endo has given Traktor lessons and tips to a wide array of DJs working different genres of music (from hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash to influential techno producer Richie Hawtin) to improve efficiency and help expand production and performance opportunities.

In the the first video, Endo breaks down how to use Traktor Scratch Pro with the Maschine hardware – click here to download DJ Endo’s settings for Maschine controller – or any MIDI keyboard or including your laptop. Endo also offers tips on creating your own MIDI settings, scrolling and previewing tracks, loading tracks, and also briefly touched on quantizing, synchronizing, key-point drumming, pitch-bending, and mixing.

In Traktor with Maschine Part 2, DJ Endo goes through the second and third row of pads: looping and triggering hot-cues; how to select loops, creating “maschine-gun” and other effects, setting markers and navigating through them (turning on/off quantize-mode for the “perfect beat”) Endo also touched on his “beat-jump” feature, skipping forward and backward, etc.

In Part 3, Endo touched on some of the coolest features in Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro (25 built in effects) and offers tips assigning and combining effects, manipulating and controlling them, tweaking the filter frequency, mangling beats and controlling gating, and switching “modes.”

The next two videos are about beat gridding in Traktor Pro, and DJ Endo covers everything  from setting your references for beat gridding to matching BPMs, creating grid markers, and using the Traktor’s synch button.

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  • distorture
  • 6/26/2010

awesome videos and thank you for the templates. Im just starting out with traktor, and I am wondering about how is it possible to get the pads to stay lit when functions are active.

  • m.w.
  • 6/26/2010

the website of djendo is off. so could you please send me a link for the traktor templates or send it via email to me!
that would be awesome!

  • laminfofana
  • 6/26/2010


Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks for the heads up. I’ve notified DJ Endo, and we’ll provide an updated link ASAP!

  • m.w.
  • 6/26/2010

hey.. thanks for the fast answer!

  • Template
  • 6/26/2010

The link for the template does not work anymore.

Where can I get a copy of the template?

  • alexander brandl
  • 6/26/2010

please send me as soon as you can the traktor pro tsi file. the other is knowingly not the right. thank you. hope to listen soon.

  • cojobt
  • 6/26/2010

Hey, this is all very cool, but I’m trying to track down the tsi file for Maschine and old fashioned Traktor Pro. The settings currently available are for Traktor Pro 2, and it’s going to be a while before I can afford to buy that.

Is this file still available? I will be very happy if it is!


  • Lucas
  • 6/26/2010

Is there a new link for the template yet , would love to get hold of it.

  • dean
  • 6/26/2010

hey dj endo,

do you have a maschine mikro mapping in the works?

cheeers buddy,