Traktor S4 Video Tutorial Pt 1/3: Mixer & Decks

Native Instruments product specialist and Dubspot Instructor DJ Endo offers an up-close, detailed description of Native Instruments new Traktor Kontrol S4, the world’s first software and hardware DJ system, in this four-part tutorial series.  For part one, Endo zooms in at the fully-integrated 4-channel mixer, each channel has an individual dedicated three-band EQ and filter, allowing you to run four decks! Focusing on the mixer, he explains and demonstrate the functions, using the crossfader to assign channel, and the volume faders to raise or lower the unit’s output, cuing, on-air signal button/light, individual gain-knob on each channel, plus the option of recording high quality sets in the Traktor software. Furthermore, Endo looks at the browsing and loading, using the browse-knob on the S4 hardware (allowing you to scroll through you tracks and load them into the decks!) and using the tactile jog-wheels to drop tracks and using the wheels to adjust your mix.

Here is a PDF explaining every function on the S4 (detailed description of knobs, buttons, jog wheels, shift functions, etc.)

Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo is a DJ and product specialist for Native Instruments and lives in Brooklyn. Listen to his mixes on SoundCloud, follow him on Twitter, & find him on Facebook.


Wednesday, November 10th, Native Instruments presents DMC World Champions DJ Craze and DJ Shiftee doing live demonstrations on Traktor Scratch Pro, and DJ Dynamix on Traktor Kontrol S4 at Guitar Center in Brooklyn beginning 7PM. This is a chance to witness some of the world’s best DJs flex their skills, plus get a closer look at NI’s next level DJ system.  The event is FREE and open to the public, but be early – capacity is limited!

Guitar Center Brooklyn
139 Flatbush Avenue


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  • Dj D.
  • 11/5/2010

I think mine is coming in tomorrow. I really cant wait for it. :D

  • BlastMasterD
  • 11/5/2010

This was great – When is video 2 and 3 being released for public consumption?

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  • 11/5/2010

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