The Sound of South African House @ Dubspot: DJs Black Coffee, Fresh, Culoe de Song, Euphonik

Four of South Africa’s most successful and influential house and electronic music producers and DJs, Black Coffee, Fresh, Culoe de Song, and Euphonik recently stopped by Dubspot ahead of a rare appearance at NYC’s Sullivan Room for a massive dance party presented by Amplified, DiverseCity Music and Ekhaya Entertainment. They sat down with Dubspot for an open discussion which covered a wide array of topics which ranged from their early beginnings and influences, music production tools and techniques to the current state of house and electronic music in South Africa and its influence around the globe. They also talk about their experiences playing music for a diverse and open audience and using it to break social barriers.  For the latest in SA house, head over to

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  • 6/13/2012

[...] The Sound of South African House [...]