The Petti Test Ep.3 – Using FM Synthesis to Create Mid-Range Bass – Skrillex, Kill the Noise

In this new video tutorial series The Petti Test, Dubspot Instructor and sound programmer-extraordinaire Chris Petti will put any sound to test! Petti will be deciphering and reverse-engineering sounds and recordings submitted by anyone from anywhere! If you want to put a sound to the Petti Test, email

In this two-part episode of The Petti Test, Chris answers a popular request and tackles a particularly difficult area of sound design for up and coming producers. Chris Petti shows  you how to create that infamous squelchy, mid-range, talking bass sound  you often hear in songs by producers like Skrillex, Kill the Noise, and Rustie. In a step by step process, Chris Petti further explains and demonstrates what FM Synthesis is and uses Propellerhead’s Thor synthesizer to create the mid-range, FM Bass sounds.

The Petti Test Ep.3 Pt. 1 – Using FM Synthesis to Create Mid-Range Bass – Skrillex, Kill the Noise

The Petti Test Ep.3 Pt. 2 – Using FM Synthesis to Create Mid-Range Bass – Skrillex, Kill the Noise

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