The Melt (LA) + Astro Nautico (NYC) @ Dubspot! Label Profiles / Video Interview

Los Angeles based beat-collaborative The Melt connects with New York City label and collective Astro Nautico for a workshop and discussion at Dubspot HQ in Lower Manhattan where the crews share their perspectives on production, DJing, community, collaboration, club culture, and music technology. 

Last summer, Dubspot and Professor Steve Nalepa proudly presented a workshop with two rising electronic music posses, the Los Angeles based beat-collaborative The Melt and New York City label and collective Astro Nautico. After the workshop, in which Djemba Djemba, Kloud, Snorlax, and FuzZ from The Melt and Obey City and Lord RAJA from Astro Nautico presented their music and talked about their workflow and techniques with Nalepa, we sat down for lengthier discussion which touched on topics ranging from producing DJing and club culture in their respective cities to bi-coastal collaboration.

Astro Nautico and The Melt emerged from distinct underground electronic music scenes in New York and Los Angeles, respectively. The Melt started as a blog and club night, while Astro Nautico a radio show and producer collective. Today, both collectives are actively promoting up and coming talents, and have developed into full-fledged independent record labels with strong communities online and in their cities. Astro Nautico and The Melt have created homes for promising, under the radar artists and producers.

Astro Nautico is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign raising money to make its debut excursion into the world of vinyl production. Support Astro Nautico’s Vinyl Fantasy here!


Djemba Djemba and Kloud also talk about Team Supreme which is the name giving to the growing platoon of producers in LA, NYC, Colorado and Hawaii who release one-minute tracks created under specific parameters, and then take all the finished beats and string them together for a 15 minute mix. Visit the Team Supreme site and their Soundcloud for more info and to hear the latest result of their weekly cyphers.