The Bug (Ninja Tune / Hyperdub) Talks Inspiration and Influences w/ Dubspot @ Movement Festival

During our annual pilgrimage to Detroit for Movement Electronic Music Festival, we had the opportunity to catch up with musician and producer Kevin Martin a.k.a. The Bug for an interview about inspiration, influences, parallels between life and music, and finding one’s true voice.

“I don’t make music purely to entertain. I make music to overwhelm, to intensify, to antagonize. Music is a necessity. It’s not a choice.“- Kevin Martin a.k.a. The Bug

The Bug (a.k.a. Kevin Martin) has been writing, recording, and performing his own style of experimental music, traversing various genres, since the mid-1980s. His sonic evolution has ventured from the 1980s industrial noise-rock/jazzcore ensemble GOD to the aggressive industrial hip hop of Techno Animal alongside longtime collaborator Justin Broadrick, to the dancehall, grime, and dub-inspired sounds he exhibits today as The Bug and King Midas Sound with London-based poet/singer Roger Robinson and artist/singer Kiki Hitomi.

In our interview from Movement 2013, Kevin Martin talks about his early beginnings as a musician, the increasing frustration with the industrial ensemble GOD, desiring a less constrained avenue of musical expression and deeper exploration than his band allowed him. He talks about his friendship with fellow British musician Justin Broadrick, with whom he developed a strong musical bond with, and later formed the two-piece electronic act Techno Animal.

The duo fuses their love for noise and distortion with the progressive theory of techno and hip hop. Though disbanded in 2004, Techno Animal allowed Kevin to take part in the world of studio exploration and would spark his eventual artistic transformation into The Bug.

Nate_and_bugThe Bug (a.k.a. Kevin Martin) and Nate Mars, Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival, 2013