Surefire Sound / Dubspot Tour : Ramadanman (Pearson Sound) & Zed Bias (Maddslinky)

The Surefire / Dubspot North American Tour feat Ramadanman AKA Pearson Sound + Zed Bias AKA Maddslinky kicks off tomorrow in Atlanta.

Surefire Sound, in cahoots with Dubspot Online, are pleased to bring you our North American Spring Tour with none other than wunderkind Pearson Sound/Ramadanman and UK garage legend Zed Bias/Maddslinky. Ramadanman’s quick rise to popularity has been undeniable in the past year with releases on his own imprint Hessle Audio, as well as Apple Pips, Soul Jazz, Butterz and others. Zed Bias laid the foundation for the dubstep sound and is still one of the most prolific producers in dance music today with tons of releases under his belt, including his 2010 full length as Maddslinky on the prestigious Tru Thoughts label, as well as three releases upcoming on Loefah’s Swamp81 imprint – all featured on Kode9′s Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

Whether it be the glittery chart-topping days of garage or its grimey crack smoke and gun shot accouterments that decorated some of the earlier branches of this family tree, Zed Bias was there for the teenage years of Britain’s modern club scene. But he didn’t just witness it, he helped to shape it in the late 90s – something those in the dubstep scene didn’t forget. After chasing the jazzier, soulful connections of garage during most of the Aughties, he became distant from the dancefloor, even though he was part of the early beginnings at FWD>> – dubtep’s birthplace of sorts. His estrangement was brief though, and a couple years ago he came back around as dubstep started changing the world. But he hasn’t been content to ride on the renewed interest in his past achievements, and instead he’s taken advantage of this new era to explore the boundaries of tempo and sound. “I just don’t want to drive myself crazy trying to fit things into boxes,” he recently told Joe Muggs. And so he’s flattened and disposed of those boxes that made for easy packaging of days past, and it’s all to the listener’s benefit. The sound is still identifiably Zed Bias, what with it’s tight drum programming, the soulful warm edge to things, and an attention to songwriting even though most of the sounds are made for the club.

[Zed Bias Surefire Sound Tour Mix - Biasonic Excursions: Chapter 2 - Biaspheric Excursion]

Ramadanman, one of the most visible faces of the new generation that came up through dubstep, has forged a similar path in his brief but rapid rise to the top. Never content to rest on an idea and always placing a premium on forward thinking values, his is a story we’ve covered in the past. It’s one of a wide eyed teen experiencing FWD>>, bringing that idea home with him, and nurturing what he learned until it grew into his own unique force.

This pairing of two generations of British club anchors in a tour around the US should help sow the seeds of innovation in a country where that principle was lost in translation as the genre crossed the Atlantic. But of course that’s just to speak of the masses, and the tour will feature a number of artists from various parts of this nation who are on the come up and doing their part in adding to the creative wealth of this musical movement. All of these artist will be part of multiple stops as it snakes through North America, but none will join more than four of its 15 stops. There’s the meditative, erie heaviness of Moldy; the fullstep, techy leanings of XI and DJG, and the eclectic, ravey weight of Salva and Distal.

The Surefire Sound tour, sponsored proudly by Dubspot, will stop at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on Friday, April 22nd, where Salva and DJG provide backup alongside the local talent of DJ Shiftee, Max Echo and Enoe. [BUY TICKETS.]

Wed April 13th – Atlanta, GA – King Plow Arts Center – with MOLDY – [BUY TICKETS.]
Thu April 14th – Montreal, QC -Club Lambi – local support – [BUY TICKETS.]
Fri April 15th – Houston, TX 2016 Main Stage – with MOLDY – [BUY TICKETS.]
Sat April 16th – Denver, CO – Cervantes Other Side – with MOLDY – [BUY TICKETS.]
Wed April 20th – Boston, MA – Good Life – with MOLDY + DJG – [BUY TICKETS.]
Thu April 21st – San Juan, PR – Red Shield – with SALVA – [BUY TICKETS.]
Fri April 22nd – Brooklyn, NY – Public Assembly – with SALVA + DJG – [BUY TICKETS.]
Sat April 23rd – Miami, FL – Eve – with SALVA + DJG – [BUY TICKETS.]
Sun April 24th – Austin, TX – Barcelona – with DJG – [BUY TICKETS.]
Tue April 26th – Portland, OR – The Crown Room – with DISTAL – [BUY TICKETS.]
Wed April 27th – Seattle, WA – Baltic Room – with DISTAL – [BUY TICKETS.]
Thu April 28th – Vancouver, BC – FiveSixty – with DISTAL – [BUY TICKETS.]
Fri April 29th – Victoria, BC – Lucky Bar - with DISTAL - [BUY TICKETS.]
Sat April 30th – San Francisco, CA – Public Works – with XI – [BUY TICKETS.]
Sun May 1st – Arcata, CA – Jambalaya – with XI – [BUY TICKETS.]

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