Dubspot Original Programming: Stylus Sessions – Experimental Streaming Lab

Dubspot Original Programs: Stylus Sessions Promo Video

Stylus Sessions: Episode 1 Recap w/ DJs Excess, Precision, Spictakular, Cutmaster DC

Video streaming by Ustream

Stylus Sessions: Episode 2 Recap w/ Johnny Juice, Cutmaster D.C., DJ Excess and More!

Video streaming by Ustream

Thanks everybody who attended and participated in the first Stylus Sessions! Props to DJ Excess, DJ Precision, DJ Spictakular, As-One, Dirty Digits, Billy Jam, Christie Z-Pabon, Cutmaster DC, DJ Esquire, and John Carluccio for holding things down proper!

The actual Stylus Sessions start approximately 1:10 minutes into the stream. Before hand is a selection of Dubspot YouTube videos featuring The Sound of South African House, RJD2, DJ Spinna, Mr. Invisible, Rock Hard Bastards, and the Choppertone.

Stylus Sessions Episode 1 Rundown: 01:12 – DJ Excess

01:14 - Show Intro
01:22 - DJ Shiftee
01:27 - Christie Z-Pabon (interview)
01:33 – DJ Precision
01:43 - DJ Spictakular
01:55 – Billy Jam (interview)
02:00 – DJ As-One
02:14 – DJ Dirty Digits
02:21 - Cutmaster DC (interview)
02:32 –  DJ Esquire (interview)
02:34 – “Transformer” scratch demo
02:43 – Jam Session: DJ As-One, DJ Dirty Digits, DJ Esquire, DJ Precision, DJ Excess,  DJ Spictakular and Cutmaster DC!

Dubspot Original Programs presents Stylus Sessions, an open experimental lab for the new millennium turntablist. Streaming live on June 24, featuring DJ Excess (Rock Hard Bastards), DJ Precision (X-Ecutioners, 07 DMC US Champ), DJ Spictakular (The Allies)  and DJ Shiftee (2x DMC World Champ). Produced and Created by John Carluccio (TTM, Battle Sounds, Scratch).

In the spirit of The Battle Sounds Turntablist Festival, Tableturns, Future Primitive, SkratchCon, SkratchPad, Skratch Lounge and many more, Stylus Sessions is a non competitive testing ground for the evolving DJ, turntablist and controllerist.

Episode 1: Post-DMC NYC re-cap and showcases by invited guests.

Broadcasting LIVE from New York City
Sunday June 24 at 1pm
Sunday 10am LA/SF  |  Sunday 7pm PARIS |  Monday 2am TOKYO

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DJ Shiftee is a 2x DMC World Champion and Dubspot Instructor currently heating up dancefloors around the globe with fresh beats and sounds! Shiftee along with DJ Endo are the designers of Dubspot’s groundbreaking new DJ program, Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2, a three level course that reflect the present landscape DJing with Native Instruments next generation DJ technology, harnessing traditional as well as cutting edge DJ concepts and techniques. Read more about Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2. Follow Shiftee on Twitter & find him on Facebook.

DJ Excess, a two-time International Turntablist Federation champion and a Dubspot instructor, provides this edition of the Dubspot Podcast series. It’s a mix made up mostly of his own disco edits plus a remix of his. Disco is just one of the many styles Excess is interested in though – he came up through house music, got deep into hip hop as a result of scratching, and also digs experimental music like Philip Glass and Steve Reich (often called the father of sampling).

DJ Precision is 2011 DMC East Coast DJ Battle,  2007 US DMC Champion, Dubspot Instructor, and a member of the legendary X-Ecutioners and Ill Insanity. He is considered to be one of the best beat jugglers in the world of turntablism.

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