Dubspot Student Spotlight December 2014! Looche, Nicole Fiallo, Harry Sutton, Zarathustra +

In our December 2014 Dubspot Student Spotlight, we highlight some remarkable artists, DJs, and producers who have recently taken courses at Dubspot NYC, LA and Online. Get to know Zarathustra, Harry Sutton, Looche, Wyatt Schmidt, and Nicole Fiallo.


Dubspot Student Spotlight December 2014

Zarathustra // Chile


Zarathustra is the experimental electronic & acid beat project from the Chilean-based musician and producer Rafael Silva Schacht. Fusing the sound from yesterday and today, he bursts on the music scene with the aggressive proposal of his singular productions.
Under the hood of Cactus Music, he releases his album “Manifestum”; an 8 track mix tape that merges experimental grooves, acid beats and all the psychedelic magic that encloses his productions. Mixed by himself and mastered by Daniel Wyatt, Manifestum is an essential music piece to understand the new rise of alternative music in the actual electronic scenario.

Listen to some recent sounds from Zarathustra below:

With previous experience on Online Courses I knew that Dubspot´s Mixing and Mastering Course was the obvious step to lift my productions to a whole new level. And guess what? I was not wrong. Teaching you from the very basic mixing moves up to the top industry mastering secrets, the whole course is an unbelievable experience to your production career, where you get the chance to share thoughts with the next generation of super producer and hang out with teachers who are in the top of their games right now. Awesome experience: if you are willing to work the hell out of you and take it serious, I fully recommend the online option. You will not regret it. -Zarathustra

Harry Sutton // New York, NY


Harry Sutton is a New York based Dj who has been spinning in the House music scene for many years. He has efficiently worked the club, lounge and restaurant circuit and his strong work ethic along with his solid reputation,  has rendered him many residencies throughout New York City. Harry has a unique and versatile style of spinning all genres of house music including  the classics, disco, funk, R&B and Rock & Roll. Harry founded and runs two Dj brands titled SouliciousNYC and Wild Cherry Disco, both currently operating out of New York City.  Harry has been on the House music scene since the early eighties and he has heard many of the masters of the craft at work. His experiences from this era of music has enabled him to incorporate the sounds, techniques and theory of the old school with the vanguard movement of the new school. Out of this combination, harry has found his style and he continues to learn and prosper as a professional Dj. In addition to spinning, Harry is also an accomplished actor and restauranteur.

Listen to a recent mix from Harry Sutton Jr below:

“My experiences at Dubspot were instrumental in grooming the Dj that I am today. From day one the instructors were hands on and expressed great attention to detail. They were also technically savvy and genuine and they all possessed the skill level that translates into a higher learning for their students. Not only are the instructors sensational, the Dubspot staff is equally awesome. I am grateful to the Dubspot family for giving me the tools to be a successful and a prosperous DJ. Learning is infinite and Dubspot’s doors are always open. Thank you Dubspot!” -Harry Sutton

Looche // Holland


Niels Houweling, better known as Looche, is a 21 year old Dutch DJ living in New York. Since he was young, music was his passion. But it was until he was living the life of a waterskier in Florida for more than 2 years, he realized he wanted to switch careers and pursue the sounds in his head.

Letting go of his sport brought him home to Costa Rica for a few months, where he prepared for another future and found Dubspot in New York. He packed his bags and off he went to take the Masters Program which included the Ableton course, music foundations, sound design and mixing & mastering, putting him on the right track to learn about all of the little elements that connects his sound into dance music you can’t resist.

Finishing up many of his unreleased music, he is performing all over New York recording his sets and publishing them online. Keep track of his podcasts and you might just come across some of his latest creations. Follow Looche on Twitter.

“I’ve always loved to get inspired by others, being at Dubspot has allowed me to do so. Being surrounded my masterminds as teachers, inspired and passionate students, and all the equipment and help I could ever ask for, has allowed me to finally find my own sound and turn it into a production. Now that I am able to share it with the world is a dream come true.” - Looche

Wyatt Schmidt // Park City, Utah


Wyatt Schmidt is an up and coming DJ and producer based in Park City, Utah. He was first exposed to DJing at the age of 13 during a local halloween party, after that he was so enamored with the lights, sounds and energy he knew that DJing was going to be his lifelong passion. He began to immerse himself in the world of electronic music with a pallet ranging from early Dubstep, Deep Progressive all the way up to Tech Trance and DNB. After playing some small underground warehouse and house parties he got his first international gig while visiting the island nation of Bermuda. During his time there he not only played some of the local clubs he also produced several tracks that would ultimately land him on EML Recordings. These days he is pushing boundaries in the studio, constructing his own DIY Eurorack synth from raw components as well as developing a live show that will be a perfect combination of old school DJing and live performance.

Listen to some recent sounds from Wyatt Schmidt below:

“My time here at Dubspot, albeit short, has been eye opening. The Music Foundations course has been a much needed refresher for my theoretical knowledge and every class I gain a much better understanding of concepts I learned in previous music theory courses. All things considered I think the best thing about my course so far has been the ability to see how different people approach the same problem. That insight more than anything has helped me improve myself. Thank you Dubspot for building such a wonderful community!” - Wyatt Schmidt

Nicole Fiallo // Miami, FL


Miami native, Nicole Fiallo has emerged as one of the stand out DJs in a generation filled with rising local talent. With her unique performance style and extensive music knowledge, Fiallo has been able to establish herself from the norm. Her high energy in the booth runs parallel to that in the studio. She has released numerous eclectic mixes featuring genres such as minimal techno and tech house. When she is not rocking out clubs, she spends her down time working on original tracks and productions. Follow her on Twitter.

Listen to some recent sounds from Nicole Fiallo below:

“I can truly say that my experience at Dubspot was a life changing one. I walked into class on my first day with very little production experience, and in just three months of classes, I walked out of that building a much better music producer and artist, overall. I cannot thank my instructor, Chris Annibell, enough for being such a great mentor and teacher.” - Nicole Fiallo

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