Dubspot Student Spotlight! Bosaina II, Barber Sonora, Morley Robertson, Alyosha Barreiro, Synesthetic Soul +

This months’s Dubspot Student Spotlight features a remarkable array of talented artists, DJs, producers, and sound designers from across the electronic music spectrum. Get to know Bosaina II, Barber Sonora, Morley Robertson, Alyosha Barreiro, and Kyle Altenderfer / Synesthetic Soul.

Bosaina II // Egypt


For Cairo native Bosaina II, becoming a producer was the next logical step in her progression as a solo artist. With a background in fashion and film, she is better known as the front-woman of several bands from the Egyptian collective KIK. She most recently performed at an official SXSW showcase, as one half of Quit Together.

It was on the layover back from Austin to Cairo that Bosaina decided to stay in New York and enroll in Dubspot to develop her debut EP New York, April-July 2013. In a collection of songs that explore her longstanding love affair with cinematic storytelling, she introduces herself as a producer on a deeply personal journey between meditative states and leaps of childlike discovery.

Her soon-to-be-released EP features intimate, distorted melodies mixed with deconstructed samples, natural atmospheres, and thinly sliced textures that shine through an atmosphere of open-ended synths.

Find out more about Bosaina II in this recent Rolling Stone article.

“Dubspot’s probably the coolest place to study something you love, especially when you’re around people who are all there for the same reason and you’re shelling out tracks on a weekly basis, thanks to the pace of the course. The instructors are practical too, always quick to move through all the Ableton tools anyone really needs to develop their own style. Thank you (Dubspot Instructors) Adam Partridge and Kiva, I have a great respect for all that you do” – Bosaina II

Barber Sonora // Mexico


In October of 2010, Juan Carlos Larios González moved from Mexico City to New York City, leaving behind a career in advertising to pursue his passion for electronic music. Juan completed Dubspot’s Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program, and started developing Barber Sonora, a project in which he works with the sounds of old Mexican bands, blending them with house and electro. The goal is simple: make people dance, have fun, and be happy.

While studying at Dubspot, Juan was invited by DJ Shakey and Mike “Banginclude” Hatsis to the Warper party in Brooklyn and also the Warper Party Radio Extravaganza. He was also invited by Hank Shocklee to speak at an advanced Ableton Live User Group about his audiovisual set in which he links Ableton Live with (VJ software) Resolume.

Juan also collaborated with Dubspot instructor Michael Hatsis on a project they call Pablo Asscobar: “putting all our music together in an Ableton/Maschine blender to produce sexy, bassy party music to make everyone dance.” Pablo Asscobar played at Figment Festival in Washington D.C. and New York, where they shared the stage with artists like Teebs and The Mast. The duo are regulars at Warper, and recently played the Make Music NY Festival, and the Que Bajo LAMC All Stars Edition 2013 at Le Poisson Rouge.

“Dubspot, and it’s Ableton Program, was the reason I moved to New York City in 2010.  Here I found what I was looking in terms of music production, but also I found a bunch of talented people, both staff and classmates, that made my time there very meaningful. My infinite gratitude and love to Dubspot. For me, it was the door to this beautiful city and the people I met through this experience.” – Juan Carlos Larios González

Morley Robertson // Japan


Tokyo-based electronic musician and DJ Morley Robertson spins mainly dubstep and drum and bass, but he is currently in the middle of composing an album, which will showcase the sounds he’s been creating with analog modular synths. His ambition is “to collaborate with Skrillex, Deadmau5, Kill The Noise, Joy Orbison, and James Blake. All of them! And be remembered as the Led Zeppelin of DJing.”

Morley Robertson completed Dubspot DJing with Traktor Program online. Three of his DJ mixes charted within the top 10 on Beatport. He also hosts a weekly radio program on block.fm called The Morley Robertson Show.

“Dubspot changed my DJ life. I had worked with various forms of avant-garde electronic music for quite some time. I had specialized in the analog Serge Modular Synthesizer, which is often regarded to be an esoteric art.  But still, DJing was a mysterious craft which I could not tackle with my tool box alone. Shiftee and Endo forever changed that.  All I can say is that their stuff is for real, and that if there are more advanced courses offered in the future, I would enroll without hesitation.

“With Dubspot, I took an active stance in remote learning. For some videos, I duplicated every minute detail on my desktop, opting to learn “the hard way.” This helped accelerate my comprehension. I modified the Hotkey list provided by Dubspot to better suit my own needs.  I looked at one of Endo’s YouTube videos and deduced a script to program into my iTunes.  I memorized some of the songs used in the course, so I could sing them.  It all helped.

“Another thing that helped was the fact that I host a radio show once a week.  I forced myself to DJ, beyond my shyness, on air. The first month was, well, an exercise in blushing. Then, one night towards the end of the Dubspot semester, the magic happened.” - Morley Robertson

Kyle Altenderfer / Synesthetic Soul // US


Kyle Altenderfer is an experimental electronic music producer and software developer currently based in Kansas City. He has been actively involved in the city’s underground electronic music community for over a decade, most notably for his experimental electronic music project Synesthetic Soul. Recently, Kyle released his own hybrid granular FM sampler and synthesizer called Synesthesia, which he described as “a labor of love.” Check out his new Roads Less Traveled (Prequel Version) mixtape for a dose of his eclectic sounds along with this brand new track titled “Man In His Time Plays Many Parts”.

“I’m no stranger to music–anything from Beethoven, Miles Davis, Aphex Twin, Reznor, Radiohead, Flying Lotus, or Amon Tobin. I’m a big fan of all these guys and everything in between. To me, it’s about having an original voice. To paraphrase Squarepusher, ‘You’re an artist… it’s your job to experiment.’

“I studied Music Technology in college, but it wasn’t geared towards electronic music to the extent I would have liked. I did not only want to know what a button does.  I wanted to know how to make my own button. Dubspot certainly helped refine my skills tenfold, and I would recommend the Sound Design course to anyone interested in electronic music. One of the main instructors was Heinrich Zwalen. I could never speak highly enough about that man and his teaching skills. Thank you Dubspot, all the teachers, and big ups to the lovely German synthesist.” – Kyle Altenderfer

Alyosha Barreiro // Mexico


Alyosha Barreiro is an award-winning music producer and DJ with nearly two decades of experience performing in North America and around the world, at major electronic music festivals and events, including Vive Latino, Goliath Festival, Zócalo Square, Angel de la Independencia, and Auditorio Nacional.

Alyosha transmits emotions, life and energy with his music. As a producer, his tracks “September 11,” “Paralyze,” “Devórame,” and others have reached number one on various Latin American music charts. He fuses live instruments with electronic sounds and processing, to create unique atmospheres and explore new horizons.

He also runs an educational program, in conjunction with government organizations, to provide free electronic music production lessons for youth in impoverished communities.

Alyosha Barreiro’s talent is recognized and supported by Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, and Novation/Focusrite.

For more info, check out his label site Manzanita Shift Records.

“After earning three majors in music, and more than 22 years of working professionally in the music industry, I realize there is still so much to learn! Dubspot has been a great place to continue advancing in the amazing world of music.” – Alyosha Barreiro