Steinski’s Dubspot Visit :: Learning Ableton & the APC40

Steve Stein, aka Steinski, is a true hip-hop legend.  Amongst many other accomplishments, which you should check out on his website and beyond, he is especially known for his work with fellow pioneer Double Dee.  Together, they produced The Lessons, a trio of records widely regarded as three of the most influential works in both hip-hop and dance music history.  Released on the Tommy Boy label, The Payoff Mix, Lesson 2 (The James Brown Mix), and Lesson 3 (The History of Hip Hop), have all been sited as inspiration by a variety of today’s most admired producers, from DJ Shadow to Fatboy Slim.

Through many years in the game, Steve has moved through a variety of equipment for both the studio and the stage, from an old Akai S900, to a variety of outboard gear, to Pro Tools.  Recently, he has discovered Ableton Live, and found not only his new studio solution, but the next creative medium for his live performances as well.

And so, before grabbing a new Akai APC-40, he was in need of a technology lesson.  He came to us.  Dubspot instructor DJ Kiva, a long-time producer, DJ, and artist, who is well-versed in the production strategies of old and the technology of new, gave Steinski a lesson on both Ableton and the APC.  This video shows the experience, and Steve’s reaction to the extent of the possibilities available with these two pieces of gear.

  • DJ Tony Vingas
  • 4/1/2010

this is awesome…Can someone PLEASE breakdown what Kiva did with the Looper i.e. what the crossfader was macro’d to.