Sound Design Tutorial: Using Ableton Live’s Effects Racks w/ Native Instruments Guitar Rig

In this video tutorial, Dubspot’s sound design course designer and instructor Evan Sutton shows you how to build intuitive and fun effects in Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig and control them using Ableton Live‘s Effects Racks.

To get started, we ‘ll build a great sounding combo effect in Guitar Rig using a Container. The first effect will be a bit crusher with a high-pass filter. The Digital Lo-Fi effect in Guitar Rig is taken straight from the Traktor effects arsenal. There are also some great-sounding filters in Guitar Rig, including the Pro-Filter, based on the low-pass filters on the DSI Prophet 5. Using a Container, we can add a controller that will move the cutoff frequency of the filter and add distortion at the same time.

Once the effect has been set up, we can add it to an Effects Rack in Live for an even finer degree of control. Using the unique routings available in Ableton, we can build a controller that is not only easy to automate, but will actually turn the effect off when the controller value is at zero.

This approach is a great starting point for building a wide variety of ‘intelligent’ performance systems. – Evan Sutton

Evan Sutton a.k.a. Astrolith is an electronic music producer, sound designer, and audio engineer living in New York. Evan teaches sound design and music production at Dubspot NYC and helped develop the school’s Sound Design program. You can hear Evan’s music and find out more about him at and

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