Soom T (Jahtari, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Renegade Masters) Dubspot Interview + Workshop Recap

Dubspot had the pleasure of hosting Glaswegian vocal stylist Soom T for a live streaming workshop at Dubspot NYC. The singer offered offer insights into her live setup, the effects she works with, and how she makes a track come alive on stage. In addition we caught a few minutes with Soom T to ask a bit more about her techniques and philosophies for creating music.

Born into an Indo-Scottish family, Soom T grew up with a breadth of vocal and musical influences that range from Punjabi Bhangra and hip-hop, to punk and Commodore 64 game music. That said, Soom T’s work has been largely dub and reggae-focused, working with some of the UK’s best producers and soundsystems, including The Bug, The Orb, King Creosote, and hometown reggae and dancehall soundsystem Mungo’s Hi-Fi.

This Soom T-featured track from Mungo’s Hi-Fi is a great preview of what to expect from her workshop and performance on Friday. Bubbling effortlessly over the bounce and sway of Mungo’s beat, Soom T seems to be whispering concerns in your ear at the same time she is crooning, laughing, and relishing in the moment.

Mungo’s Hi-Fi – “Did You Really Know (feat. Soom T)”

Working with other major Scottish producer Jahtari, Soom T cuts through the track’s distortion and weight like a knife, offering laments as abrasive as Jahtari’s production with out ever losing her carefree attitude.

Soom T & Disrupt- “Boom Shiva”

  • Jef
  • 2/21/2012

love what you guys are doing with these streaming workshops. i really like your graphics too, nice raw sensibility.