Silkie (Deep Medi Musik / London) @ Dubspot: Interview + Workshop Video Recap

In August, dubstep producer, DJ, and Deep Medi Musik recording artist Silkie stopped by Dubspot NYC during his US tour to present a special live streaming workshop. Silkie shared production insights, talked about his creative workflow using the PC-only FL Studio (formerly known as Fruity Loops) and offered some invaluable advice for rising producers. After the workshop, we talk to him about his early days as a DJ, venturing into music production, inspiration for his City Limits albums, learning through collaborations, and remaining adventurous and open-minded as a producer, making a decent living through music, and much more.

Silkie (a.k.a. Solomon Rose), like many of dubstep and UK funky’s finest, came from the late 90s, early 2000s era grime and garage scene – producing his first tracks at the tender age of 15. After spending his teenage years producing for his brother’s grime crew Unorthodox, Rose began attending the infamous FWD>> parties, introducing him to the emerging sounds of dubstep.

Bridging his grime foundations with dubstep’s low-end weight, Silkie quickly found a home with a growing sound that would take him around the world, and into a highly productive career as a producer. After emulating the sounds coming out of FWD>>, Silkie’s music found its way into the hands of Digital Mystikz (DMZ) co-producer Mala, who was immediately drawn to the Silkie’s unique style. From that point forward, Silkie would remain a fixture of Mala’s personal label Deep Medi Musik. Silkie has since released a number of split EPs and “12’s, alongside folks like Skream, Mizz Beats, Quest, and Goth-Trad.

Silkie – “Quasar” (DEEP MEDi MUSIK)

Among Silkie’s many releases is his City Limits series for Deep Medi Musik, a series of albums that explore Silkie’s dynamic range and depth as a producer. On the first volume of City Limits, tracks like “Quasar” reflects Silkie’s ability to channel everything from jungle, Baltimore club, and dubstep into something that is as ethereal as it is dance floor-ready. These tensions are central to Silkie’s sound; often building a track’s bass heft before overlaying interjecting synth squiggles, and always keeping an overarching element of soul and atmosphere as thematic glue.

Silkie – “Jazz Dubstep” (DEEP MEDi MUSIK)

These touches, whether it’s a sultry sax, or erotic electric guitar, are ones that put Silkie’s sound in conversation with jazz, opening his sound to a wider palette that makes his sound stand out amongst the often dark, aggressive sounds of his colleagues. In fact, on an earlier Deep Medi Musik “12 titled “Jazz Dubstep” patient piano key flourishes come between ragga melodies and bass pressure that threatens to topple the whole production.

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