Shlohmo + Salva (Friends of Friends) @ Dubspot – Live Streaming Workshop

Dubspot can’t wait to welcome Friends of Friends artists Salva and Shlohmo on Sunday, September 18th @ 2:00PM, for a live streaming workshop. RSVP to our Facebook event here, if you’d like to join us in person, otherwise return to this page for the live stream.

Shlohmo (left), Salva (right)

For their Dubspot workshop, the two producers will be creating an impromptu collaborative track, Salva demonstrating his use of Logic Studio, to sequence and compose, alongside Shlohmo using an Akai APC 40 in Ableton Live.

In addition to their stop-off at Dubspot HQ, Shlohmo and Salva, alongside RL Grime will play this Saturday at The Studio at Webster Hall. This will be the first Shlohmo show in New York since the release of his debut full-length Bad Vibes, for the Friends of Friends label. Shlohmo will come to NYC riding high on a consistent stream of positive reviews, putting Bad Vibes at a year-end highlight for critics and listeners alike.

Both young talents to the world of electronic music in the U.S., Salva and Shlohmo have come up in a climate of California-based experimental music that has, until recently, been largely defined by the success of Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder crew in Los Angeles. Emerging from their own group of tightly knit friends in San Francisco and L.A., Salva a member of the Frite Night crew in S.F., and Shlohmo rallying around his WEDIDIT collective—the two are important leaders and risk takers in the realm of 21st century music production.

Shlohmo – “Just Us”

On this standout cut from Shlohmo’s recent Bad Vibes, “Just Us” is the touchstone for why his record could be the backdrop to your fall hibernation mode. Melody drips and melts like candle wax across swollen, reverb-drenched filtrations of Shlohmo’s voice.

Salva – “Blue”

On Salva’s “Blue,” off Complex Housing, he takes you on an equally engulfing journey through space and time, changing moods and drum patterns with out ever losing a sense of momentum or dance floor weight.

In this Dubspot-produced video, Shlohmo shares his insights into the joys and dangers of becoming associated with a particular scene, his Ableton Live setup, and gleefully raps Juicy J’s verses on the monstrous, Lex Luger-produced “A Zip and A Double Cup.”

Earlier this summer Dubspot was honored to be a part of Los Angeles label Friends of Friends’ (FoF) 2 year anniversary party at Echo Plex in L.A. The party featured many of the label’s artists and affiliates, including Salva, Mexicans With Guns, Groundislava, Baths, and Shlohmo.

  • 9/15/2011

como siempre: buena informacion

  • David
  • 9/15/2011

Will this be posted? I completely missed out!

  • Michael Walsh
  • 9/15/2011

Yes, we have been editing the videos and posting them a week or so after the initial stream. Watch this space for a video soon.

  • Chris
  • 9/15/2011

hey where is the video!

  • Ryan
  • 9/15/2011

Would still love to check this out. Anyone know where I can find this?

  • ben
  • 9/15/2011

yeah wud really love to c this! When is it being re-posted?