What is Dub? Pt 1: Scientist, Badawi, Ticklah & DJ /rupture @ Dubspot

Renowned dub pioneer and innovator Hopeton Brown, better known as Scientist talks about the origins of dub and the role dub engineer as a conductor, who essentially takes existing music and rearranges them. At last year’s Dub Summit, in a panel which also featured an array of electronic music producers, musicians, and professionals including DJ /rupture, Raz Mesinai, Ticklah, and Barry Cole. Scientist discusses early sound system culture and the recording industry in Jamaica, and the process of remixing riddims for top producers. As put very eloquently by Barry Cole, “Dub is traced back to Jamaica, in the early days of sound system culture and the recording industry, and it’s attributed to Osbourne Ruddock/King Tubby, a man who was building his own [musical] components in a land where there weren’t a lot of resources, and his right hand man was Scientist!”

Soundcheck with Scientist! The legendary producer offering tips and tricks on how to set up mics for live recording.

Dubspot LA :: Ableton Live 8 Tour :: Los Angeles :: Scientist