Sander van Doorn Interview @ Ultra Music Festival 2014: Talks Producing and Mixing and Mastering w/ Logic

Dubspot caught up with globetrotting Dutch DJ, producer, and remixer Sander van Doorn at Ultra Music Festival 2014 in Miami.

The prolific producer who has cranked out numerous chart-topping dance hits and remixes for everyone from Depeche Mode to Robbie Williams sat down with Dubspot at The National Hotel during his label Doorn Records Pool Party at the Winter Music Conference to discuss his creative process. When it comes to production workflow, Sander is indeed a rare breed – one of the few producers out there who produce, mix, and master all of their own tracks. We also talk Sander about his production tools (he uses mainly Logic Pro, but also occasionally uses Ableton Live to construct mixes while on the road), testing out new dance tunes and analyzing crowd response, making the transition from turntables to CDJs, using more analog hardware in his studio and production sessions, and last but not least the importance of developing an original voice as a music producer.


Thought to be a technical and musical genius by many, Sander van Doorn is without a doubt one of the world’s most essential, influential and popular DJ/Producers in dance music today. Sander has become synonymous with excellence – both production wise and in front of the thousands he plays to, nightly. He is truly one of the strongholds in dance music. A generation defining artist, that reshapes our perception of what dance music can be and he does it all with that electrifying Sander van Doorn-smile.

With two full length albums, numerous hit-singles, remixes of the worlds biggest artists, sold out gigs in all major venues and festivals worldwide, his own successful record label ‘Doorn Records’ and a weekly radio show, it’s almost impossible not to have come across the name Sander van Doorn at least once in your life. [Read more here.]