“Roll + Tumble” by JAWWAAD + KIVA! Music Video Created w/ Livid’s CellDNA, Live + APC40

Dubspot instructor/multi-instrumentalist/producer KIVA is preparing to release a brand-new collaborative album with NYC-via-Houston MC JAWWAAD. The full-length album, entitled Roll & Tumble, will be out late summer; in the meantime the title cut is available as a FREE promotional download from their Bandcamp site. The duo has also created a video for the track using CellDNA, a VJ software app created by Austin-based Livid Instruments, together with an Akai APC40 and Livid‘s CNTRL:R; the video features lightning-fast hip hop storytelling set to thundering 808 kick drums:

KIVA talks about the making of the video:

“There are pre-mapped templates in CellDNA for a variety of MIDI controllers, including the Akai APC40 which is what I used. The template worked perfectly. Instead of launching music clips, you are launching video clips with the pads. All the knobs and faders are pre-mapped to control incredible video effects. I took the all the footage we filmed and compiled and did a series of real-time video improv sessions with the footage. CellDNA allows you to record and render the video output of these sessions. Jawwaad and I then took our favorite takes into Final Cut Pro for the final video editing.”


01 Roll & Tumble
02 Chief Among Chiefs
03 Maltshop Slab
04 The Girl’s Got to Go
05 Slightly Gangsta
06 Forever Yours feat. Sunru
07 We Don’t Have to Fight feat. Domunique
08 What Happens Here Could Last Forever
09 Back to My Galaxy
10 Maltshop Screw