Dubspot Student Spotlight: Robbie Wilde – The Inspirational Story of ‘That Deaf DJ’

Hearing-impaired Dubspot alumni Robbie Wilde talks about getting started with music, developing a passion for DJing, and linking up with turntablist champion DJ Shiftee to develop his skills as a performer.

“I don’t want to be looked at as a deaf kid trying to DJ, but a great DJ who happens to be deaf. I hope that my story gets out there and truly inspires those who have the odds stacked against them. Believe in yourself and there is no limit to what you can do.” – Robbie Wilde

Dubspot alumni Robbie Wilde recently returned to our school in NYC for a brief video interview to discuss his journey to becoming a successful professional DJ. (Check out our previous video segment on Robbie here.) From performing live with Ryan Leslie, Omarion, Kim Sozzi, and Miguel Cole, to being featured in a Windows 8 TV commercial, to DJing a private party for the Superbowl-winning Pittsburg Steelers, to DJing events alongside DJ Spinbad, DJ Sizzahands, DJ Riz and Oscar G, Robbie Wilde has quickly become a shining star in the world of DJ performance.

Robbie Wilde literally feels the music to hear the music. Hearing is the most important sense in a DJ’s life, but it is the one thing he is lacking. Robbie Wilde has been ninety percent deaf since age 11 but compensates his loss of hearing with his senses of sight and touch. This creates the perfect synergy for him: as the bass moves and shakes everything around him, the vibration stimulates a feeling throughout his body and he feels what the crowd is hearing!

Turntablism Extensive Program

Turntablism is the art of manipulating turntables like an instrument. Starting with the fundamentals of scratching and beat juggling, the program focuses on developing proper technique, optimal practice habits, creative exploration, group DJ performance and performing full-blown turntablist sets.

What’s Included

  • Turntablism Level 1: Spice Foundations
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Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pro 2 Program

The definition of DJing has changed dramatically in the last decade. Laptops, controllers, and software have emerged alongside more traditional turntables and CDJ’s, smashing the barrier to entry. In today’s digital age, anyone can become a DJ. To reflect this renaissance, Dubspot has created the Digital DJing with Traktor program. In both our physical and online schools, students will learn how to DJ entirely with Traktor’s cutting-edge technology. An emphasis will be placed on the concepts of DJing rather than simply learning how to use the software.

Shiftee and Endo offer a preview of our Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2 Program

What’s Included

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Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pro 2 Program

“I love the class, and the content! Shiftee and Endo are very funny, and very clear, so the material is easy and fun to follow! I wish my college teachers were more like these two!” – Leandro Martinez, Chicago IL

More start dates and information about payment plans can be found here.

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