Reggie Watts Dubspot Interview @ SXSW Talks Music Technology, Live Performance, Comedy!

While visiting SXSW in Austin, TX earlier this year, the Dubspot team got a chance to talk with the unpredictable and brilliant comedian / musician Roger Watts, better known as Reggie Watts, about his creative process, influences, performance tools, music technology, JASH, and much more!

We caught up with the brilliant performance artist Reggie Watts at South by Southwest 2013 for an interview in which he talks about his creative process, musical influences, and his less is more approach to performance tools and music technology. During his performance at The Austin Museum of Modern Art, Reggie Watts shifted between stream of consciousness stand-up comedy to live, improvisational compositions using a limited analog-based performance setup which includes some guitar pedals and loop samplers. Though it all, he remained  funny and spontaneous, making the performance up as he went along.  After the performance, he talked to us his performance rig and the benefits of using tactile  analog tools for creation. He also told us about JASH, a comedy network and collective he formed with Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Sarah Silverman.