RCRD LBL Gives FunkAid some Love!

The western world awash in “corporate social responsibility” initiatives in which companies find ways to be greener or donate money, and it’s generally accompanied by at least a whiff of self-interest. By contrast, New York City’s premier DJ training institute, Dubspot, is not only a positive and constructive environment for youngsters; they’ve also launched a series of charitable mix CDs. The first is Funk Aid for Africa, a 20-track CD mixed by DJ Obah whose proceeds are donated wholly to a foundation that’s building schools and playgrounds for poor children in Dennilton, South Africa. One of the many bands eager to donate their music to a good cause are Brooklyn’s The Pimps of Joytime. Their “San Francisco Bound” (remixed by DJ Obah) features the low-slung, hand percussion-led grooves you might expect with frothy synth details you probably won’t. These Pimps conjure escapist vibes as they yearn for the easygoing San Francisco life — for something better. You too can make the world a better place by lining up behind Dubspot and these 20 talented bands.