RA: Resident Advisor + Dubspot = Fresh Contests & Content…

With Resident Advisor’s presence in the American, UK and German music communities it may come as a surprise to learn that the site was created by three Aussie’s from down under. Paul Clement, Nick Sabine, and David Berkley started Resident Advisor in 2000, and have since amassed a sizeable following of electronic music fans. And make no mistake, Australia is a significant force in today’s electronic music world, many of the world’s best producers and festivals located there; unfortunately, its relative distance from hubs like Berlin, London, and New York can too easily make it appear at the sidelines. With offices in Berlin and London, and music writers stationed around the globe, RA delivers insights on DJs and music communities around the world.  RA also offers a highly consistent DJ mix podcast, a for interviews with influential artists and the active (spirited, some might say) user-forums that RA hosts.

On the Resident Advisor website now is one of Dubspot’s best contests ever.. and to enter all you have to do is answer one question. Three different prizes are offered, each of which include a piece of gear alongside a free related online course.  For those interested in Ableton, one winner will receive a free copy of Live Suite (a nearly $600 value) alongside a producer certificate program in Ableton, a $6500 value! Yes, there is over $7,000 worth of goods for one winner. The other two prizes include a course in sound design and synthesis with a Native Instruments package of Komplete 7 and Maschine, as well as a course in digital DJing with Traktor, coupled with Traktor 2 and the Kontrol X1.

In the coming months stay tuned for some unique integrations of Dubspot’s own community of producers, DJs and tech experts with Resident Advisor. You may find Dubspot instructors popping up in RA forums for official Q&A’s with RA readers, or contests for free online courses in the production software of your choice. Dubspot also has an absolute treasure trove of excerpts from various online courses, some of which may be integrated within relevant forum threads. The possibilities only begin here, as Dubspot has combined a truly unparalleled experience of brick and mortar classrooms alongside a digital learning experience that reflects the future of music as well as those who are making it. Resident Advisor also sets the bar high for their quality, and we at Dubspot share many of the same values as we strive to offer world-class insight and knowledge in an era of exciting and fast-paced musical possibility.

From Resident Advisor website:
Dubspot, the New York-based academy is giving away its expertise and some hefty gear for free.

With its range of online programs, Dubspot is now making it easier than ever to become the producer you’ve always dreamed of. There’s no need to even leave the comfort of your couch: Students typically receive video, audio and text materials at the start of each week, allowing them to progress at their own pace. And, unlike self-teaching, Dubspot’s industry-experienced instructors hold bi-weekly chats with their classes, later offering personal feedback on the music. Still, the best is yet to come. Where other courses offer only certificates at completion, Dubspot goes one better. Their top courses conclude with a multi-track EP, entrance into a remix competition and a scored commercial. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that tasty pie?

Never one to do things by halves, RA has teamed up with Dubspot to offer a choice of three different prize packs, each offering up the software, hardware and know-how to become a master in the field. So: one prize winner will be enrolled in Dubspot’s Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program, and receive a copy of Live Suite. A second name will win enrollment in a Sound Design and Synthesis program, and a new copy of Native Instruments Komplete 7 software, and a Maschine hardware controller. Finally, a further prize winner will receive Traktor 2 software, Kontrol X1 DJ gear and a 12 session Digital DJing course.

One winner will receive:
- Ableton Producer Certificate Program + Live Suite

One winner will receive:
- Sound Design & Synthesis Program with Komplete 7 + Komplete 7 + Maschine

One winner will receive:
- Digital DJing with Traktor Course + Traktor 2 & Kontrol X1

  • Ndia
  • 4/5/2011